Planning a family rafting trip

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A how to guide for the preparation of a family rafting vacation

The decision is made

"We want a rafting adventure," the whole family cried in unison when you decided to do something really different for your vacations this year. You had asked them for their ideas and this is the decision, a week on the white water rapids, with camping at night, a real journey back to nature. What a great choice it is as well! Not only will it be a journey of a lifetime, travelling through some of the most beautiful valleys and scenery in the world, but it is also an opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family. This will be a true family teamwork experience.

With rafting decided upon, all that is left to do is plan the trip. There will be a lot to do, especially if f this is your first rafting trip. However, before you start on the process, remember it is a family vacation so include everyone, children as well, in the planning stage. Start as you mean to go on. Get them involved with the research that you might want to do to find out more about this unique experience! You could for instance set them each a mission. As you will be travelling through natures open spaces, you could get them to make a list of things that you might see on your journey, for example, wildlife, vegetation, trees and fauna. This gives the opportunity of something to do during the week away as well, as they will be studying the landscape to find the animals and other items they had been researching.

Choice of location

The next important thing in your planning itinerary is to work out exactly where you are going. Here you will be spoilt for choice. First of all you need to decide which country you want to take the trip in and, believe me, there are more than you could image, stretching the globe from west to east.

At last count, these include well over fifty rivers in the US, and at least 21 in Asia, including India the hills and mountains of India and Nepal. Add to this many locations in the UK, Canada, South America and Africa and you will see it will be not an easy task to satisfy the desires of every family member. Even when you have decided upon the country, you still have to choose the preferred location. For example in America these are as far flung as the mountains of Florida, New York state and Alaska.

No doubt it will be a major feat reaching a unanimous decision on your destination, but at least it will be fun discovering all the pros and cons of those on offer. What is important, once you have chosen, is to make sure that you arrange your vacation with a reputable company, one that is well qualified for the task and gives good service. It would be shame to spoil the experience. There are plenty of places that can advise you in this respect, including Family Rafting and

Rafting standard

When making the booking, you will need to discuss the standard of the type of rafting ride the family is going on. IF you are beginners the easier levels will be offered to you, at least until you get experience, and you can work your way up from there to the white knuckle experiences. However, it should be pointed out that most of the organisations would have minimum age limits for children on the more advanced rides.

Gear and equipment required

Next step is deciding what you want to take. As this is an adventure some of life's luxuries that you would normally take on vacation with you may need to be left behind just this once, for example, hairdryers and jewellery. However, what you will need, especially if you really want to get back to nature, is some camping gear, enough to sleep all the family members of course. This will include tent, sleeping bag, groundsheet insect repellent and toiletries. Oh and don't forget to take something to cook with as well as eating utensils. Fancy that, an evening meal around the campfire, relaxing in the moonlight after a hard days rafting.

In addition, you will need swimsuits, clothing and footwear suitable for the ride itself. Preferably, these should be made of a material that is not likely to get slippery when wet. To protect from the sun and rain you will need sun-block cream, sunglasses and a cap and possibly a waterproof coat of some description, although some of this you might be able to hire from the organisers of the trip. Finally, do not forget some dry clothing that you can change into after a day in the spray of the water, together with any personal medicine that you might need.

You are ready for the trip

So finally, the time of the tour arrives. The only advice here is to turn up on time and listen to the advice of the guides throughout your vacation and you will have a fabulous time.

A rafting vacation will be an experience for you and your family to remember forever. Furthermore, doing it as a family will bring closeness that you would not believe possible. Go out to enjoy yourselves and you will return with some brilliant and breathtaking memories.


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