Platypus, an Egg-laying Mammal

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The duck-billed platypus is one of the few types of monotremes, or egg-bearing mammals, in the world.


Platypus (plural) can lay eggs, putting them in the rare group of mammals called monotremes, animals that lay eggs. There are only three monotreme species in existence-platypus and two types of echidnas. Both inhabit Australia and Tasmania. Platypus are very interesting creatures.

The duck-billed platypus (It is also the only species of platypus) has a strange appearance. It has a duck's beak, a beaver's tail, and an otter's feet. In fact, when British explorers first found a dead platypus, they thought someone was playing a trick on them and had sewn various animal parts together.

Platypus have ankle spurs from birth, and for male platypus, they produce a special venom produced from the platypus' immune system. This poison can kill small animals and hurt humans.

Platypus are semi-aquatic, often swimming in streams and rivers in Australia and Tasmania. They are excellent swimmers. Platypus shut their eyes, nose, and ears when underwater and forage for food when underwater, eating worms, insect larvae, and crayfish. They find their prey by using their sensitive electro-recepters, which are located by the cheeks. Platypus use their electro-recepters by detecting electric fields from activity.

They are quite common, even after being hunted for its fur until the early twentieth century. However, many are killed after humans take their land. This happens to many animals around the world. Platypus has a few predators, including snakes, birds of prey, crocodiles, and foxes.

Platypus are amazing animals and are very special. They have puzzled people since first being discovered.


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Interesting facts about this, still, unusual animal. I have shared on Facebook.

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