Prayers for my Wife's Sheep

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This article is something a bit different for me. I want to tell you about a sheep my wife loves and has raised but who now faces a health problem that has my wife concerned.


Blackie was born in the middle of winter, found outside when she was only a few minutes old, it was a lucky thing too, a short time later she (and her sister) would have frozen to death as their poor mother had wandered off. You see the mother had suffered a stroke some time prior and did not realize what was going on. After she was reunited with her lambs she kept care of them but had no milk for them so they were bottle babies.

Bottle feeding lambs is expensive and a lot of work, especially in the winter, but my wife did it and decided to keep the black lamb.

Growing Up

Blackie became a rather annoying sheep. I must admit she was never one of my favorites. Because she had been bottle raised she became rather attached to people, and would baa non-stop when we were outside. Also when she had her own lambs it seemed like she would baa non-stop. It was very hard to enjoy being outside in the garden when she was nearby because all you could here was her baaing.

In the picture it shows Blackie (her wool faded) and her mom in the back ground.

She is one of our most friendly sheep and the only one you can trust to be friendly with strangers and kids (meaning she is the one that will let you pat her), she has also produced many nice lambs for us.


A problem for Blackie started last fall around about the time I had my heart attack. A swelling developed on the side of her stomach. My wife was monitoring it. Blackie even had lambs at that time, and the swelling did not seem to change, but it was winter and not a good time for a vet to be doing anything with her so she got through winter just fine without any problems.

In the spring though my wife was feeling her swelling and soon after noted a second swelling, she called the vet but it was calving time so he could not come then but did give medication to take down the swelling. This meant 2 needles a day, which my wife gave.

A couple of weeks went by and it looked worse with the second lump opening and a bit of drainage occurring. The vet came out this time, concerned about a possible contagious infection, he ruled that out and came to the conclusion that she had a hernia. He could poke the bulge back inside of her and feel the side of her ribs (meaning this fingers could to right inside of her through the herniated hole).

She would need surgery but as she was pregnant again it would have to wait until the lambs were born, and weaned, and of course the weather was better.

As you can see by the picture, on April 27, 2013, she did have her lambs (triplets actually). It will be at least 2 months before they can be weaned so she can have her surgery.


Naturally my wife is concerned. Although to some people Blackie might be "just a sheep", to my wife she is a true pet. My wife has even put a halter on her and taken her for walks, and would be sad to loose her.

We do not know the risks of the surgery (or the cost) but its not the same as with a cat or dog, you cannot just stick a bandage on them and a cone on their head to stop them from licking after the surgery. The vet did seem fairly confident he could fix her hernia and that she will be okay, but if any of you have positive thoughts, or prayers, for her, that is certainly welcome too.


How to Care for Bottle Baby Lambs

Blackie - Lucky Lamb

Blackie's New Triplets

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Thank you for all your kind thoughts for this special sheep.


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Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.

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author avatar Songbird B
4th May 2013 (#)

No matter what the animal Mark, when we connect with them and they to us, it creates an amazing bond. My thoughts and prayers for Blackie and her op and that she is soon restored to full health once more. Your wife sounds like a really special lady my friend..My thoughts to you both..\0/x

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author avatar Susan Jane
4th May 2013 (#)

Sending good wishes for Blackie. It is sad when an animal is suffering. I trust there will be a good outcome for Blackie and her families. She needs all the love and support I know you and your wife are giving her. Bless you all.

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author avatar Retired
4th May 2013 (#)

Hope everything turns out okay for Blackie. Sending prayers. :-)

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author avatar Bets
4th May 2013 (#)

Sure is a good story. Unusual story asking for prayers and I will send some out for Blackie and you for strength. Let us know the outcome. Thnx for sharing this with us. Wonderful! Cute little lambs. Love animals. (Hard sometimes caring for tho') God bless all your efforts. Smiles, Bets :)

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author avatar Mariah
4th May 2013 (#)

Yes unusual indeed
Have to admit, first time I've been asked to pray for a sheep, that said, I hope animal recovers

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th May 2013 (#)

Mark, your wife and you are going much out of the way but it comes naturally as they become part of family. They too can connect with us in their own way. Hopefully, Blackie gets back to good health after the surgery and my prayers for her - siva

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th May 2013 (#)

Prayers Mark, and much admiration for your strength and supportive love of your wife and for her amazing care giving...all the best to you both and your dear sheep Blackie...

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
4th May 2013 (#)

Thank you everyone for your best wishes, my wife is very touched.

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author avatar Retired
4th May 2013 (#)

Sending love, prayers and healing thoughts...

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author avatar C.D. Moore
4th May 2013 (#)

My prayers are with Blackie.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th May 2013 (#)

Yes! lots of healing to another of God's, light and blessings to you all....

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
5th May 2013 (#)

I add my prayers for the full recovery of Blackie to all the others , and at the least cost and anxiety to you and your wife Mark .
God bless and be with you all , and give you health , strength and peace throughout.

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author avatar writestuff
6th May 2013 (#)

Holding good thoughts for all. Be of good courage.

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
8th May 2013 (#)

I know what you both are going through. My prayers and thoughts are for the sheep. It doesn't matter what animal a person has for a pet, they are part of the family. I hope for a speedy recovery once Blackie has her surgery. Keep us updated on the situation.

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author avatar Terry Trainor
8th May 2013 (#)

How very sad. I hope Blackie gets better.

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author avatar Kingwell
10th May 2013 (#)

Sending prayers and positive thoughts. May Blackie have a complete recovery.

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author avatar LOVERME
11th May 2013 (#)

i have known of bottled fed women
they through out life
remain from other siblings different

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author avatar Trillionaire
20th Jun 2013 (#)

Nothing like unconditional love. Thanks.

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author avatar Grace Marie
16th Apr 2014 (#)

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