Precautions That Need to be Taken When Exploring Wilderness Areas.

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If you are looking forward to exploring the wilderness, then you need to be prepared so that you enjoy yourself without being stranded in the middle of nowhere

Wilderness Here I Come

If adventure is in your blood and you come across a wilderness area, it is good to be careful before you venture further ensure that you are well prepared and ready for any surprises.

The first and most important thing is that you should wear comfortable walking shoes that are closed and of tough material that can not tear easily in the jungle. Your clothing should be of natural material that can absorb sweat to keep you cool and also be able to keep you warm at night. Long sleeves for the shirt should be chosen instead of the shorter version to prevent insect bites that can be very painful and can cause diseases like malaria for example. Substitute shorts for trousers.

Always have clean drinking water with you and avoid drinking water in any river that you can across even though it may look clean to the eye it can be contaminated and cause a lot of pain.

Learn how to use the compass before you embark on this project as a wilderness will not have any demarcated routes and you might end up going around the same place and get lost.

Carry with you enough to eat just incase things don’t go according to plan and you remain in the wilderness for a given period of time. Snacks like trail mix come in handy as they do not require any preparation before being eaten.

Ensure that you carry with you a first aid kit to treat small injuries that may result and ointment for bites and any other medication that you may need for a few days just to be on the safe side for the unexpected.

Even if the area that you are visiting is hot ensure that you have warm clothing as the weather has been known to change in a span of a minute and being stranded in a place when not well prepared can lead to you freezing to death. Carry water resistance matchbox so that if the worst happens then you can make a fire.

If possible have a well charged cell phone with you and an extra battery and hope that the wilderness area has network just in case you need to call for help.

Most people are looking for privacy and they make the mistake of not notifying somebody where they are and this can actually work against them. Before going away ensure that you at least let one person know where you are just incase you go missing, someone can come looking for you.

Now that you are save, enjoy the wilderness………oh don’t forget to carry a camera with enough film and a spare batteries and take lots of photos.


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