Premonitions, Psychic Ability and such

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My experience in predicting future events. With some people, I can tell what is going to happen to them just by looking at them, examples will follow.

Premonitions, Psychic Ability and such

After reading some of the ghost stories and such on the vine, I haven't seen anything about the psychic side of life.
So, I figured I would do this.
I am what I refer to as a weak psychic. Some things come very clear, others are muddled, and don't make sense to me. I can be around people that have a chronic illness, or have been injured, I can feel what the other person is feeling down to the last ache and pain. With some people, I can tell what is going to happen to them just by looking at them, examples will follow.

The biggest one to date is Sept. 10th. I was sitting in my little computer cubby in upstate NY. I didn't have windows, but the door was open. I got this very uneasy feeling and looked out the door. There was a fellow up there that had been giving me no small amount of trouble, and to be honest, I thought he had come onto the property. I looked out the storm door and the air was so thick and orange, looked almost like a can of icing for a cake that was bright, brilliant orange. The uneasy feeling didn't leave, in fact, it got worse as the evening and night wore on. I stayed on the computer till about 1 a.m. and finally laid down on the sofa with the tv on and dropped off to sleep.
When I first wake up, I need the bathroom then coffee before I am fit for human interaction. (That is important to remember, btw) My house mate had already gotten up and made the coffee when I woke up. I sat up on the sofa and looked at the tv, one of the WTC buildings was spewing smoke, and I heard someone on tv say that an airplane hat hit it. That got my attention fast, but then I looked again and saw that second plane come around in very slow motion, almost like a movie and fly through the second building. People, I am here to tell you that when that second plane hit, I woke up in a hurry. That uneasy dreadful feeling from the night before almost knocked me off the sofa, then it just went POOF, and it was gone. However, some of the footage they showed from the ground, showed very thick, orangey colored air, just like I had seen the day and evening before.

When I dream the same thing 3 nights in a row, it ALWAYS, ALWAYS comes true. I've gotten to the point that when the second dream comes and it's disturbing, I will avoid going to sleep the third night, or try my level best to disrupt whatever it is that I'm dreaming about. I dreamed about my last husband before I ever met him. When he came into the restaurant I was working in, I walked up to him and told him we were going to get married. He, of course, laughed. A little over a year later, we said I Do. However, 3 months later, I had to kick him out, because he was cheating on me, and I won't tolerate that.

Riding the city bus in Atlanta one time, I hollered at the driver to STOP. He was coming up to an intersection and he would have had the right of way there, but he HAD to stop. When he hit the brakes, two vehicles came flying through the intersection. Had he not stopped, it would have been an unholy mess with people injured and possibly killed.

I have predicted deaths many times like free psychic, but I do try and keep my big mouth shut about things like that. It disturbs people too much to tell them that a loved one is going to die, and I refuse to do that. If I am asked, I will avoid answering at all costs.

There is also an ability to hold things that belong to another person and "read them", as in history, marriages and such. A different instance than holding something; when I got stuck in the hospital up in NY, my Dr. was not on call that night, and another Dr. from his office came in. She stood at the foot of my bed and I asked her how old her baby was as I could see her holding a baby in her arms. She told me she did not have a baby, and I replied: "not now, but you WILL." She thought I was crazy, but she went back to the office and gave herself a pregnancy test. SEVEN months later, she had a beautiful baby boy, but from then on out, when I would go to see the Dr., all the nurses would practically run from me.

If any of you reading this have had experiences like this, please share. I am intensely interested in this type of ability and how others have deal with it. Please be respectful when you do.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Jan 2018 (#)

You should sit with news and tv channels with your ability to check disasters before it actually happens.
You perhaps may be the only psychic able to do this.

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