President Carter and Aliens

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Two presidents have demanded that the UFO files be released. Both were disappointed.

Truth or Not?

When Jimmy Carter was running for President, he, like current President Obama, promised UFO conspiracy theorists that he would get to the bottom of the mystery and have all known UFO/Alien documents released to the public.

Shortly after being elected, Carter contacted then CIA head, George H.W. Bush to demand that all sources of information regarding extra-terrestrial life and contact with said beings be released. Shortly after meeting with Bush, Carter was seen sitting at his desk weeping.

The same thing happened when Obama demanded the same documents from the CIA. Barrack was also seen, and photographed, weeping at his desk.

UFO enthusiasts are convinced that both Presidents, upon demanding the documents to be released, had been briefed on the actual dealings with an Alien race and the implications and dangers of releasing such information to the public. This has led many people in the pseudo-scientific world to believe that the U.S Government, among others, is cooperating with a dangerous race of Alien beings who have plans for the human race that are not so friendly.

Those in the same community who hold Apocalyptic and Evangelical views believe this race is actually a type of demon mentioned in the Book of Enoch that is supposed to appear to the human race and misrepresent themselves as benevolent entities.

Whether any of this is true or not is unknown, but Carter himself is a firm believer in UFOs as he has witnessed one himself. It is unknown whether Obama has seen any, but there are some who believe that Obama himself is not human. Some say he is a hybrid alien or the Antichrist himself.


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