Prince Dracula

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Was Prince Dracula real, exist and ever live in the past century?

Prince Dracula

Tomorrow is Halloween, a celebration which filled with nuances of horror. Ghosts and other creepy creatures presented in costume and horror stories to enliven the celebration of Halloween. They are the star of festivities. Of course, prince of darkness, the famous horror figures who has name Dracula Prince, a vampire, not forget attended this event. His story become legendary for centuries, So who doesn't know him?
There are some speculation that this character was real and live in the past century, not just fantasy. While connected to the story that vampires are blood-sucking creatures who are immortal a.k.a never really died, of course, this speculation is chilling. Who wants to live in fear overshadowed by the emergence of a vampire at a time .... everyone would be paranoid to imagine this.
But ... I am curious, who is actually Vampire or this Dracula Prince? Where did this story begins? And what is the main inspiration of the birth of the Dracula, that famous horror figure?
Reputedly, Bram Stoker, the author who gave birth to Dracula character, inspired by an Eastern European nobleman named Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431-1476), member of House of Drăculeşti, branch of the House of Basarab, who had nicknamed Vlad the Impaler or Lad Tepes in Romanian language and has three times served voivode of Wallachia around the year 1456 until 1462. He was born in Transylvania, Kingdom of Hungary's territory.
Not only borrows his name, but Bram Stoker took a few of this Eastern European noblemans' personality and identity to put in the character of his essay figure. Like he is a native Transylvania for example, while add peppering it like he is immortal, always thirst of blood and should drink blood to survive, afraid of light and garlic, afraid of cross, should be nailed right in the heart with a silver nail to kill him (but he could alive again someday).
Fortunately, the part that tells us that Prince Dracula is a vampire, sucking humans' blood in the literal sense and roam everywhere looking for victims, also can not die a.k.a immortal, not the actual state of the man who inspiring Bram Stoker. Vlad Tepes is not a vampire, he is just an ordinary human who has died and can not live anymore and wandering as bloodthirsty creatures such as Prince Dracula the horror figure that created by Bram Stoker.


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