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It is as simple as priorities, it is as complicated as priorities. What we genuinely and succinctly set as our reality is what we get. It is said that to win, we must genuinely begin and go on from there with perseverance and persistence. Although it is not as "simple" as "set a goal and go toward it and all will be well", we must control our reality by our genuine priorities, which this article shall show.

The illusion of priority and the reality of priority.

Glance around you and understand the energies you do control and understand the energies you do not control. Genuinely understanding those facts is the beginning of everything. It is not the end of everything as people like to think at times. When you genuinely understand what you do control and do not control, that is the beginning of your power over your priorities and what is important in your reality, existence and life.

Recently, I was listening to a recorded version by actor William Cane of "The Magic of Believing" and thinking about my genuine priorities in this way. It came down to a basic understanding of what I can control and what I cannot control. So, consider, most of reality is under our power if we really try and ultimately do. The little bit that is genuinely out of our control is what convinces us that nothing can be changed at times, but the reality is that all condtitions can change through our understanding and mastery. In fact, I can say, our mastery is the reality of priority, while the illusion of our priorities is that something is mastering us without "our permission." Really, Eleanor Roosevelt had one thing right: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission." It is the same thing with our superiority really, especially when we are pretending to ourselves and others, and I mean that either way it goes, superior or inferior. Our priority is Mastery of ourselves, not inferiority or superiority, perceived or actual.

Thought and working on yourself.

We all must create perfection, perfection is not there for us in an instant. Even the best of us must admit that. For example, why do you think some of the prettiest, most "perfect" looking women, girls or females have to work extra hard at their relationships not being shallow or "Mr. Perfect" genuinely has to make himself that way through his genuine efforts and it is not just given to him?

Think about this fact, take the proper actions and even then perfection is not a given unless you are consistent in those proper actions. Consistency is what this section is genuinely about in every way. Without consistency, there is complacency, and even the worst of us knows or has to ultimately know what that leads to. It leads to apathy in every sense, way and form, and if we do not get the message of this apathy, it leads to the worst outcome of all. I will call it oblivion, a death of sorts. It leads somewhere undesirable, anyway.

It all starts with us, ends with us, and is forever with us. Nothing can change "those facts."

Metaphysics and physics, and reasonable patience as a spiritual priority.

The most powerful thing we can be in existence is reasonably patient, understanding and tolerant in all situations that genuinely require it. I did not say "be perfect" or even the words "be ideal". I did say have patience, be understanding and be tolerant meaning have reasonable flexibility even when the going gets rough or tough. To put it another way, strength is within patience, all weakness is in fear and unjustified anger "without reason".

When I say without reason, I mean this: Anything foolhardy, meaning not thought out well or fully executed with reasonable understanding. Good, fully thought out plans, action and fulfillment are indeed the key connector between all physics and metaphysics. After all, as an old saying goes: "Nature abhors a vacuum." Meaning that nature cannot tolerate any tangents or open-ended things that do not have an end. Think about that fact for a moment and then go on reading.

Without mincing words, reasonable deliberation connects everything. No matter how well executed, ultimately, thoughtless impetuousness connects nothing because thoughtless impetuousness as you should observe, when it does not work is all unsuccessful gambling, and if it does succeed, it is simply successful gambling. But, no matter what, gambling is gambling and the results cannot be rationally repeated.

On the other hand, planned things that work can mostly be rationally repeated as a law and a reality. It is consistently realistic and deliberate as a principle. It follows the laws of genuine physics like a plane flying and genuine metaphysics like the unseen vibrations that nonetheless exist as a reality like the "unseen" air we all breathe. Just because it does not "seem real" does not mean it should be discounted as unreal. Reality exists reasonably at any level really, and proper perception and understanding makes it understood as a principle. See you next section.


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