Procrastination: Writer's Worst Enemy

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This article is all about procrastination. This is also for people that have a hard time trying to find the best time to do their work.


Procrastination is the worst thing that happens to writers. Makes you unable to finish your projects, you know you want to do it, but its really hard to get out of that phase. Its the feeling where whatever you are doing, you can't break out of it to do your work. My procrastination always happens every time I do work that doesn't take a long time to do. But, I decided to do a list on procrastination, on the main things we procrastinate on. Maybe when you discover what you always do that you shouldn't be doing, you may find a way to stop doing such a thing! (When you are getting work done, make sure to turn off your phone so no one will call you and make you procrastinate by talking.) And its worse to procrastinate, because would you rather worry about something for the rest of the day, or do something now and no longer have to worry about it?


Some people don't really own phones, but did you know that there are more phones than the the entire human population?! Some people get on their phones to talk to people, while other may play video games on it to pass the time. Pretty much, when you are low on time to do something, I think it is the worst idea to just pass away that time. Assuming your work takes approximately an hour, and lets say that you are on your phone for a total of three hours. You would be able to finish your work three times! Even though that our mind process tens upon thousands of thoughts a day, it's pretty easy for us to get distracted by something. So that means, the more distractions there are, the more dedicated someone has to be in order to focus on their work. Trust me, you really don't need no hypnosis. Just... do it!


TV is a great entertainment system, but watching it for so long isn't that healthy. Whilst you are enjoying the show, you really are doing nothing in general. The average American actually watches about 5 hours of TV a day! That's a lot of time wasted, but this is by average, so that means there is somebody out there who watches for 9 hour, while some watch for only two hours. Its miserable, since the country south of the USA, Mexico watch TV for a lower amount of time by average. Over half of the Mexican population watches TV for 2-4 hours. I do believe that in Mexico, you have to put extra effort in your work. (That statement really does depend on where you work, and what you are required to do.) I really believe that if we are going to tell children only 1-2 hours of TV, we should also start demonstrating that.


Computers are a great way to browse information, watch videos, and all of that good stuff. The good news is, thats your work place. The bad news, its that when you believe that your work isn't all that interesting, you end up trying to entertain yourself. This makes you go off track of work, and its like riding a bicycle that has a messed up wheel, therefore making it hard to stay straight. But, when we get so bored, we try to multi-task and watch a video whilst doing our work at the same time. You actually put less effort into your work if you are doing something else at the same time. So that means it would be a good idea to stay on your work instead of watching someone do a fail of some sort. Video games are also another hobby that you could easily procrastinate on, but that is self-explanatory.

The Conclusion

All you have to do is just do the work. As of now, I started off this article trying to watch a video and write at the same time. But then, I decided to just stop watching the video, and go ahead and start finishing the article so I won't have to worry about it. Now that I figured out what makes me procrastinate, I hope that I can keep up the article a day schedule. But, hopefully you learned something from the article, and even if all three of the items I listed below are not the reasons of your procrastination, anything can cause procrastination. Therefore, try to think about what you just did today, and wonder if it was productive at all. If it is, make sure it doesn't get in the way of your work, and if it isn't I suggest you do it at a time where you don't have work to do. Therefore, everyone should start procrastinating on procrastination!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Jul 2015 (#)

I try to prioritize my to-do-list. And tackle what cries for attention at that moment.

Thanks for the practical tips - siva

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author avatar peachpurple
16th Jul 2015 (#)

yeah, but i don't procrastinate because i want to do things fast but always end up more problems

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author avatar Althea
16th Jul 2015 (#)

We all need focus to prevent procrastinating. It's just hard with so many possible distractions.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
16th Jul 2015 (#)

Why single out writers? Procrastination is harmful to the health and progress of all people.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
17th Jul 2015 (#)

I mentioned writers because pretty much, this site is full of writers. Pretty obvious that procrastination happens to everyone.

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