Programming - Where to Start?

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If you decided to figure out how to become a software developer, then first you decide what programmer to become, which programming language to choose.
It remains to determine where and how to study programming - University, self-education or to take a programming course.

Obtaining a programmer specialty at the University

It was traditional to get a profession in universities - an institute or a university. In the case of programming, I would recommend this option, only if you are a schoolboy.

The university can give a good base, which is quite possible you will need. Whether it is worth spending five and more years on this studying at university or to master the necessary basics from two to six months and begin to apply the obtained knowledge in practice - it's up to you.

A plus may be the availability in the University of specialized courses from the companies that they offer students a job.

In any case, education at the university does not prevent to implement other options.


Self-study programming should be considered as the main way in long-term perspective. There are so many things and technologies that you have to master.

Even if you choose to get a specialty at a university or go to a specialized course, you will have to learn a lot of information yourself.

Today there are a lot of courses, websites, and books on the Internet that will help you with this. Once I learned to program on Pascal, taking a book for the summer in the library and using a notebook instead of a computer to perform tasks :). So it is possible to study programming at home. Here I’d like to recommend to pay attention to the online interactive tutorial Here you have to solve tasks by programming using c# just by reading an adventure story. I suppose it to be very effective for newbies and not boring for those who have already some basic knowledge.

However, for the best result, I would recommend starting with specialized courses to learn the fundamentals of a programming language.

Programming Courses

In my opinion, programming courses will be the starting point.

If you take a good programming course from a tutor, it will give you an opportunity to get the necessary set of skills and skills, sufficient for starting work, in the shortest possible time.

In addition, courses, if they are well organized, will give you an understanding of where to develop further.

Pros of specialized courses in programming:

• Speed of obtaining the necessary information
• Coverage of all necessary bases for start
• The presence of an experienced mentor-teacher, to whom you can ask any question

How to become a programmer

In my opinion, the optimal start for starting in mobile or web development. I would recommend that beginners start with mastering HTML and .Net framework in c# language - it's easiest to start and see the result.

Possibility of further employment

Many courses attract by the possibility of finding a job as a programmer after completing them.

I would say that the opportunity to start working as a programmer does not depend on getting any course certificate. If you can make a project by yourself in any popular programming language, then you can find a job.

Wish you good luck in your learning!


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