Proper Ways of Handling Simple Hand tools

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Hiring a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, etc. for the repairs needs a lot of money. However, minor defects can be taken cared of by family members.

Simple Hand tools used at home

During vacation, free time, and weekends, it is good to check the house for defects to prevent bigger and more expensive repairs later on. Be acquainted with the necessary tools and equipment, and some basic principles of simple carpentry repairs like an unstable leg of a table or chair. To minimize repairs, the house should be inspected regularly for defects like the need to repair a wire plug, to do simple electrical repair, a simple painting job, a carpentry job on some cabinet doors in the kitchen or worn-out hinges, some screws that need to be tightened or missing nails that may have to be replaced.

Some tools and equipment needed for simple repairs. Meter is used to measure the wood or things needing exact measurement. Hammer is used to drive nails. A saw is used to cut woods. A chisel is used to carve wood. Pliers are used to hold and cut wires. A plane is used to smoothen rough edges and surfaces. A screwdriver is used to drive nails and screw. And nails and pegs to fasten the wood.

Handling Simple Hand tools

When using a hammer, hold it firmly at the handle toward the end part. Position the head directly at the nail to be hammered. Hold it high above the head and let the hammer drive down to the nail. Do this twice or trice until the head of the nail has penetrated the wood in straight position. The pressure of the hammer should depend on the size of the nails. A lighter blow should be intended for small nails, while a stronger blow should be given to big nails.

In using the saw, hold the handle with your entire right hand (if right handed) or with the entire left hand (if left handed) with the four fingers inside the handle and the thumb grasping firmly around the handle. To start, position the saw by aligning the tip of the blade with the wood to be cut. See to it that the wood is in a stable position so it will not move when being saw. Move the saw to and fro gently but firmly keeping it in position with the wood being saw. Continue moving to and fro until the wood is cut thoroughly. To make the cutting easy and proper, draw a line or mark on the wood.

To use the screwdriver properly, you have to choose the type and size of screwdriver that is appropriate for the screw to be tightened or removed. To start, hold the screwdriver in the handle firmly. Fit the tip of the screwdriver to the head of the screw. The head of the screw is notched or has wedges where the screwdriver fits. Once this is done, move the screwdriver clockwise (to tighten the screw) or counterclockwise (to loosen the screw). Continue moving clockwise or counterclockwise until the screw is tightened or loosened.

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