Protecting Your Treasured Timepiece: The Ultimate Guide

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Whether your watch is an heirloom passed down by your grandfather or a more recent investment, you will want to look after it properly because, with the right attention, it can last for generations. Follow these tips to make sure your watch is given the protection and care necessary to keep it ticking over for years to come.

About This Guide

There is nothing better than a handsome timepiece to add a final touch of class to a gentleman’s outfit. Watches inject personality and depth, and are the only accessory that men can wear daily. Whether you have one special wristwatch handed down by your grandfather or a selection that you match to your style each day, protecting them should always be a priority. Looking after a timepiece takes care and attention, so here’s what you’ll need:

Watch Case

A place for everything and everything in its place is an excellent motto for keeping your watch protected. Instead of dropping it on your bedside table along with your wallet and change, give it a home where it will be safe from scratches and dust, and can still be admired.

Without much effort, you can find a case or box for your timepiece that will do it justice. Choose one that will match your personal style, watch, and existing interior design. Furthermore, a case with a transparent lid will allow you to show off your collection.

Consider as well that if you have a sizeable collection, it may be worth having one box for your everyday watches and another for your more ornate, favorite pieces. It’s equally worth bearing in mind that if you plan to travel with your timepiece, a case with a lock is a smart move.

Watch Winder

Whilst quartz watches are accurate, there is something incredibly appealing about an automatic. Classics like these need a little more attention than their modern counterparts, but are well worth the investment. If you own one, a watch winder box will make your life easier, not to mention classier.

A winder, though small, is mighty and will keep your watches wound whilst they are not worn. Not only do they ooze sophistication but they also ensure that your watch is ready to wear at a moment’s notice. Last and certainly not least, they will preserve the life of your rotor. Look for one that you can adjust to the recommended number and direction of turns. This will mean that even the most complex and specialist of watches will be perfectly tuned.


Like everything that is well loved, it’s impossible to avoid bumping or scratching your watch forever, no matter how much you cherish it.

But don’t despair if you do get a nick, simple will return your watch to near enough pristine condition. Many owners advise using Cape Cod Polish to gently rub away blemishes, but do remember that the process of polishing your watch is essentially removing the top layer of the metal until the scratch has gone. Be as cautious as possible when buffing and only target the area with the imperfection.

When dealing with scratches on a vintage watch that has an acrylic face you can use Poly Watch, but modern models with sapphire glass will need to be serviced. Just take your watch back to the store where you bought it and they should be able to manage the process for you.

There is no reason that your treasured watch or collection cannot become an heirloom with the proper care. By following these steps, you should be able to go a little further between services, and gain a stylish way to keep your timepieces safe, but still on show.


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