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People who think they are so bright often prove rather dim.

Think You're Smart?

If we did a Poll, everyone would claim to be ‘above average’ in Intelligence.
If we gave I.Q. tests the cultural bias would rule out a number of persons who are exceptionally brilliant, as well as those who are dyslexic or discalculate.

The only way one can judge intelligence is ‘in situ’; that is how do you deal with a Real Life situation.

Living in Cyber Space

On the Internet there are no Real Life situations; it’s all fantasy mixed with fabrication with a few sprinkles of honesty.

You don’t know if ‘Scott Grey’ is that guy in the posted picture or a Nigerian hacker in Lagos. You can’t know who is who for the opportunity to create a ‘secret identity’ is automatic.

Those who don’t understand the media will think that since this photo is posted, this name is used and there are references to local places, that Sam Stable is in New York City. In fact, someone who can catch I.P. addresses can say without doubt that Sam connects from a provider situated on 42nd Street in Manhattan.

Of course, just as Sam can steal a photo from those on the ‘Net, and get some facts from Wikipedia, the possibility of using a Proxy Server which is located at 42nd Street ‘proves’ his identity.

He can be Karabo Moroka from Johannesburg in South Africa, using an American name and address and a male identity to give her contributions a validity only attributed to white males in their thirties who live in America.

End of Preamble

I post this long preamble for the same reason they put up yellow caution signs. Unless you are having lunch with Forge, Bladerunner, and Airdog, you don’t know who they are, really, where they live, really, their age, complexion, sex, or anything else.

Sure you can guess, you can read an item they post and make a judgment, but don’t go too far. For you are likely to be wrong.

College Days

In America, and seeping into the rest of the world, are University lecturers who don’t know the difference between an undergraduate and a lab rat.

Each class may be a ‘test’ a ‘trick’ a few lines in a thesis or part of an experiment. As a reference, I posted 'A Little Psych Test’ on this site.

It was given to a Psychology Class in an American University. It was given verbally, which means reducing it to words is a bit tricky, but the key features hold up.

When it was given, one loud mouth I’ll call Ralph because I can’t remember his real name said, “Who made up this test?” his mouth in a sneer.

As many people took their reality from Ralph they joined the sneerathon.

The Instructor said, “It was done by a Professor...” and shrugged.

Ralph and his minion attacked the test. One after another they ridiculed it, demeaned it and just before the bell rang, the Instructor said, “Oh, I remember now, the Professor had this funny Freud.”

You could heard the mouths of Ralph and his minions slam shut.

Same Thing Different

When I posted the test here I did the same thing as that Instructor. If you read the comments you’ll find a few guys who got to make fools of themselves in print.

I networked the item to Reddit to help many of the posters make fools of themselves and I kinda have been banned, alas. However, it was fun.

It was fun to see people make idiots of themselves.

(I have a peculiar sense of the ridiculous).

The Choice

It wasn’t a given that people would make fools of themselves. It wasn’t the kind of trick which was inescapable. All one had to do was not make a judgement. Just read it and leave it, or read the test and take it, and then go over to the 'Answer’ section and 'take it or leave it’.

But, pseudo intellectuals can’t do that. They are constantly striving to prove their brilliance. They begin with a view that everyone else is stupider than they are, and that they know more than everyone.

They don’t have to think this way, they choose to. So they get to embarrass themselves. I’m sure it is a Constitutional right.

The Logic Test

Not content with doing just the Psych test I did a Logic test. Again there is was, and one could take it or leave it.

Of course I fudged a bit on the name of the originator, since I had so much fun the first time.

The Logic Puzzle is attributed to Albert Einstein.

You can imagine what psuedo intellectuals made of that.


On another site I wrote a fiction story. It was a fiction story...I made it up. A reader attacked me on my behaviour towards a particular actor, (in the story the narrator was a casting director).

I am not, nor ever have been a casting director.

Anyway, I tried to push a little sunlight into the mind of the reader. S/he was so annoyed that s/he attacked me and tried to (I am not making this up) psycho-analyse me. I’m sure s/he had a great time. I cracked up because once you miss the fact that this is Fiction (although so labeled) there isn’t much more to say.


Since one doesn’t really know, (unless they can have lunch with them) who or what the people you meet on the 'Net are, in RL, it is better not to form judgements.

Let them post, and sure, contradict or argue, or debate, but try not to forget the fact, you might be making a fool of yourself if you are talking to the person who actually drafted that law, won that race or award, or lives in the place you are describing.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
13th Mar 2015 (#)

Not too many people will admit they are not smart, but I have encountered some people who are humble and will say they know they are not smart. I remember reading a study that suggested first born children from smaller families tend to be smarter than later born children from larger families. The key to raising a smart child is to only have one.

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author avatar Yvette van Niekerk
13th Mar 2015 (#)

My goodness, interesting article, humbly i must admit i don't believe that i am smart. I have to really work hard to get what I want. sjoe.

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author avatar kaylar
13th Mar 2015 (#)

Intelligence has to be understood as not just academic. Too many people think that if they attend a college...not talking Harvard or Oxford...that they are smarter than people who don't have a degree.

Added to that are those who, like Ralpha, can sit in a University classroom and from the heights of being a Sophomore, make proclaimations.

You have to be humble.

I think when a child gets a lot of attention from their parents they do tend to be wiser and go farther than the one by the way.

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author avatar kaylar
13th Mar 2015 (#)

Well, if your humble you will not make a fool out of yourself. So there's an up side

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author avatar M G Singh
15th Mar 2015 (#)

Excellently stated

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author avatar kaylar
15th Mar 2015 (#)

Thank you

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author avatar Retired
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Yes, education isn't everything. It's more of a regurgitation about what some judgmental person said about something and given authority by a bunch of letters following that person's name.

More disturbing, truth is determined these days more by what the preponderance of the vocal (and socially active) loud mouths say about it. Reality is determined by 'likes' on social media, by what polls report as what people think, and by anything else representing the most rampant fantasies of the current times.

Yes, pseudo intellectuals guide what the rest of us sheep think.

Excellent exposé here, Kaylar.

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author avatar kaylar
15th Apr 2015 (#)

Very well put, LeRain. So many people do not do their own research, do not try to see where someone is coming from.

I once was criticised because of all the 'U's ....labour; colour....etc.

It seems many people think that everyone on the 'Net lives in America and British Spelling and terminology is unknown.

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