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Internet Protocol address identifies your computer and tells internet signals regarding about your location.

Private and Public IP Address Definition

It does the same functions as the street address in your normal life. It is a numerical identity which is assigned to each device. IP address makes use of internet protocol for communication purpose. It has different kinds of characteristics as per its location. Two different kinds of versions are still in practice. Both IP version 4 and IP version 6 is defined with unique IP address. When an IP address is uniquely assigned to the private network, it is said to be private address. In the recent days, most of the people are concerned to make use of routers with private IP address as because of its security features and benefits.

Private addresses are mainly used to conserve the space of public address. Private address is not linked with an IP address registry as it cannot be routed on the internet. Public addresses contain class based network IDs and it is unique to the internet. Traffic of public addresses is attainable on the internet with its destination. When you make use of public address in your organization, requested packets are route to the destination properly.

- An IP address which belongs to the private network is said to be as private IP address.
- A computer which connects to the internet is assigned with unique public address.

What is Public IP address?

You can obtain direct access to the internet when your device is allocated with public address. Some examples of public IP address applicants are email server, web server and any server device. It is globally unique and it can be registered to an exclusive device. There cannot be two computers with the same public IP address. This kind of efficient addressing scheme makes the computer to communicate each other in the internet. Public address can be both static and dynamic. Static IP address is assigned for services and hosting web pages over the internet as it cannot be changed.

- User does not have any control over the public IP address
- Internet service provider assigns the public address to the computer when it is linked to the internet gateway.

Dynamic address changes each time as it selected from a pool of accessible addresses. Most of the internet users are assigned with public address as it goes off when they disconnect the internet connection. When you connect again to the internet, you will be allocated with a new IP address. It is possible to know the public address with the help of internet resources. If you want to decide the usage of network for your home or business organization, you have to make a deep research on the internet. Each unique type of public IP address is assigned to only one device while using the internet.

Private address and its immense functions

Devices within your local network can be communicated with your device with the use of private IP address. But, you have to make use of network address translator for allowing direct access to a local device. If you are concerned to secure your computer network, you can purchase the routers with private IP address. When you protect your network, other parties cannot access your internet connection in any case. You can find most of the router models with private IP addresses.

- IP number fall within certain IP address ranges is considered to be as private IP address.
- It is mostly reserved for local area networks and for numbering the devices.
- Administrator can assign the private address of his own choice
- Private IP address is always static in nature

Home, school and business local area networks are mostly used the private IP address. When you device is assigned with private address, you cannot access the internet directly. In addition, devices outside the LAN cannot be accessed directly to a device. In this case, it is probable to intersect two private networks with the help of a router. Even, you can make use of identical devices that support network address translation. When the private network is accessed the internet, it has both private and public IP address. Private IP is utilized to communicate within the network where as public IP is to communicate over the internet. You want to type ipconfig to know the private IP.


The is a private IP address and it is widely used in popular router brands as default address. It helps the computer network to avoid address conflicts. It can also be modified with the help of network administrators. The main purpose of IP address is to act as a default gateway. It is chiefly linked with high speed routers. When you purchase the router with as a default address, you can protect your network access effectively.


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