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The puppets are always a source of fun in every way.Here is a try at the Mr.Punch.

Mr.Punch the puppet.

All are well aware of the famous Punch and Judy show. Puppeteers held shows in England. It poked fun at authorities. Mr. Punch originated as the funny little character man Pulcinello in Italy.Pulcinello was a hunched back lean puppet with a very hooked nose and a long chin. He wore a pointed hat with a bell on the top.Mr. Punch came to England from Italy as marionette. In England he became a popular character Mr.Punch.He had a wife character named Joan, which later became Judy.
The Punch and Judy shows became famous all over England and globally. Children loved the characters and the shows pleased and entertained both the young and old. These puppets were carved characters.They were carved from wood with a paper Mache head and a fabric body. Judy ,her baby, the policeman and crocodile were made to complete the whole setup.

Try to make your own puppet.

How to make your own Mr.Punch.What you need for it.
• Newspaper,
• Piece of firm card
• Masking tape
• Light card
• PVA glue
• Toothpick
• Modeling material
• Cotton wool
• Paints
• Varnish
• Cotton fabric
• Felt
• ricrac braid
• A bell

1. Take a long tube or roll a card to make a tube.Scrunch paper to make a head shape stick with masking tape and push the tube in the head to make the neck.


2. Stick the toothpick on the head and make the nose plastic modeling clay. Press on the toothpick, add the eyes, and mouth to the head.Add more paper to the head in layers over the face.


3. When the head is dry cut out the back of the head and stuff with cotton wool. From cardboard cut two ears and stick on either side with tape. Add more paper layers and leave to harden. Paint with white emulsion. Before that, paint the features with colored paint and varnish.


4. Now make the dress. Cut the body on the fabric leaving the neck and bottom open. Sew running stitch along the edge of the felt to make a drawstring for the ruff.


5. Measure the head half way, cut the hat, and sew. Cut a separate piece for the brim and sew on the hat. Cut four hand shapes. Decorate hat with ric rac band.

Your Mr.Punch is ready.

6. Glue neck of dress to the neck of tube and tie on the ruff with the drawstring. Glue hat and brim to the head. Glue arms leaving cuff open. Glue hands to cuff. Add a bell to his hat.
Viola your Mr. Punch is ready to amuse you.
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9th Jun 2012 (#)

Nice share. Thank you.

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10th Jun 2012 (#)

Unique share. Thanks Shaheda - siva

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author avatar A K Rao
10th Jul 2012 (#)

Nice article! I am a Ventriloquist so I can really appreciate your article on puppet making, though ventriloquists puppets are different ones! Thanks !

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8th Jun 2014 (#)

cute puppet

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