Purifying Perception II

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Relieving your perception from restricting elements.....Part II of Purifying Perception focuses on the limitations of judgment.

Free the mind of excess thoughts, beginning with the practice of dismissing judgments from perception

With every perceptual observation comes some form of mental response. One that is particularly disturbing to the spirit and dampers the experience of inner peace is judgment. The mind overflows with judgments of self, others, and a vast majority of observations. Judgments can take the form of opinions, expectations, criticisms or assumptions. This insidious subconscious has become part of the natural operation of our minds. However, any and all judgments inherently have no basis in reality. They are not facts or realities - they are choices. We choose what we believe and what we do not believe. One of the most common judgments is the negative judgment of self. Often, they tell us that we are not how or where we are supposed to be or that we should be doing something other than what we are doing at the moment. This is a fallacy. There are no facts involved in this type of thought. The only fact is that in this moment you are where you are. You have arrived here by the progression of events that led up to this moment you experience now. Anything beyond this fact is illusive and exists only as a figment of the mind. It is a choice which can be changed to improve the experience by altering the belief, and with choices of what to think and what to believe the possibilities are nearly infinite. One need not be restricted by baseless thoughts, most of which are psychologically preconditioned or simply habitual.
A vital element for cleaning perception is alleviating the mind from such judgments. Whether negative or positive, their grasp on the mind and spirit is harmful and restrictive to the natural freedom of awareness. The mind tends to be critical of most of our actions and characteristics. Often, the judgments insinuate inadequacy in what we say, do and who we are. Other judgments stimulate over- confidence and ego, a transient and potentially detrimental mind state.
For every judgment that appears in response to an observation, the key is to simply observe and detach from it. Remind yourself that it’s a judgment constructed by the conditioned mind and nothing more. It does not exist beyond the confines of the mind and therefore in essence does not truly “exist”. Allow any such thoughts to come and go without grasping your perception, removing all power from them. For example, if I look in the mirror and my mind responds to what I observe with the judgment that “I do not look good today” I can simply observe this thought and let it go, reminding myself that it is only an illusory fabrication with no validity and that I can choose not to believe this judgment, not to allow it to have any influence on my consciousness.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
30th Dec 2013 (#)

"...with choices of what to think and what to believe the possibilities are nearly infinite. One need not be restricted by baseless thoughts, most of which are psychologically preconditioned or simply habitual."

Very positive and inspiring message.

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