Purifying Perception III: Conquering Assumptions

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Assumptions and their detrimental properties filter our perception, modify and restrict our natural mental processes. Learning to let go of assumptions is one of the keys to purifying perception.

Releasing Assumptions

In the preceding article of this series, I discussed the toxicity of judgments and the potential unwarranted power and authority they have over our minds. The topic of this article is the impact of another powerful function prevalent in the constant executive processes of the human mind.This element is the phenomenon of assumption.
Like judgments, assumptions are constructs that are derived from a combination of fleeting, subjective (non-factual) mind states such as preconceptions, transient thoughts and psychologically - manipulated perspectives along with the mind’s psycho-social & psychological conditioning that occurs over extensive periods of time and dates back to the very earliest stages of a brain’s development. Considering the foundations by which such mind-states and functions are generated, it logically follows that they hold a significant quality of force, and thus a great extent of control within the mind and throughout perception. However, just like judgments, assumptions have no actual value and do not resonate a clear understanding of what is “real”. The ideas about which we make judgments, for instance, do not in “reality” hold a value which we choose to assign to them - they are not negative or positive or anything in between. They just are. The judgments themselves are the elements that carry subjective (and highly confining) value. As I discussed in the previous article, the choice to release judgments, therefore not allowing them to obscure your perception, can be easily made each instance that one such thought appears in awareness. The same procedure can be applied in dealing with assumptions and the natural inclination of the mind to produce and fall captive to them.
Assumptions produce unnecessary limitations on perception, constricting our experience of life in any given moment. If I assume that a particular experience will generate a particular emotional or mental response within me, whether positive or negative, I restrict the natural progression of that experience and the inherent limitlessness of my perception of it. Assumptions likewise have the potential to generate negative emotional experiences. If I assume that I will feel a certain way or experience something in conjunction with a specific perception, I set the scene for the possibility of disappointment or create a scenario where external life does not correspond with my internal state of being. Assumptions are also detrimental due to their illusory nature. I can choose to assume something about a person, place, thing, idea or experience and in doing so I delude my perception of the world in its essence. This action further separates my consciousness from the collective and disintegrates my awareness from the unified, immaterial wholeness of the universe within and around me.

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