Purifying Perception IV: Excluding Expectations

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This articles explores how expectations effect our perception, consciousness and our experience of being. A technique is offered for the practice of excluding expectations to enhance perceptual purity.

The Elusiveness of Expectations

Expectations are the metaphorical cousin of assumptions, the focus of the previous article in the Purifying Perception series. More precisely, they are super-charged future-oriented assumptions. Many of the qualities I have discussed as attributes of assumptions hence also apply quite fittingly to expectations. An expectation can be defined as an inner conviction that intuitively alters perception and arbitrarily impacts experience, usually through inhibiting, reducing, controlling, altering or distorting the essence of what is or what can be perceived. The belief that is the expectation typically pertains to a future perception of some form, such as a lucidly anticipated event. Its negative impact on experience can be ascribed to the inherently inconsequential foundation from which it arises. Similarly to the characteristic constructs and origins of judgments and assumptions, expectations are founded upon a combination of psychological conditioning, internalized subjective impressions (about the world, the self, life, etc.) and a potentially vast array of unsubstantiated thoughts and ideas. Often, random psychological functions, which result from the constant numerous operations instinctively developing within the mind, come into play in the formation of a particular expectation. Defense mechanisms, for instance, can contribute to the production of expectations while functioning on behalf of mental self-preservation. Nevertheless, the disruptive effect of expectations and their ability to distort perception, diminishing our capacity to perceive “reality” in its purest form is a useful recognition to attain as the first step to alleviating the mind from such intrusions.
Taking on the challenge to defy our cognitive inclination to expect, it is wise to consider that mastering the human mind’s proneness to expectations will take time and practice. The procedure involves fundamentally retraining your mind to disconnect from the stimulus of expectations, including their impact on other thoughts and especially on emotions. The method would involve similar techniques as discussed in the articles on subduing judgments and assumptions. It is especially useful to detach any associated sentiments that may arise in the mind and body, once the recognition of an expectation entering consciousness is made. One of the beauties of our perception is that it is like a “neutral ground” that is multidimensional (at least proverbially) and potentially infinite. This objectivity allows for our conscious identification of a particular element entering consciousness. In other words, we are able to perceive our own perceptions. This faculty is a central tool in the process of purification because it is essential for the genuine recognition of those elements we are seeking to ultimately dismiss. Therefore, in a sense, once we are able to become conscious of something within our perception, we can make a constructive choice of what we wish to do with it. In the case of expectations, for example, I can become aware that I expect my day to progress without any troubles or complications and for my family to be happy, healthy and safe. Now that I am aware of this expectation, I can recognize it for what it is and then proceed to make the choice to detach from it cognitively and emotionally. The results can be quite fascinating, let alone bring a dose of serenity and eventually a purer intuitive perception.

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10th Jan 2014 (#)

Excluding expectations seems to be a difficult task, but it helps in purifying the perceptions.

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