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By putting ads on your website you can begin making money almost instantly especially if you are new to the webmaster game. Adsense is the most popular option but is it the best option?

Advert Platforms

Your site has been online for a while and you notice it is steadily increasing in visitor numbers, have you thought about putting ads on your website? If so you have probably come across Google's advert platform called Adsense and a handful of other options.

This article will mainly be covering the Adsense option of putting ads on your website. Whilst it is a very popular option for webmasters it's not as straightforward as you may think - there are pros and cons to this advertising platform.

AdSense allows webmasters to forget about monetary worries and concentrate on creating good content for their sites. If used correctly on a popular site Adsense can bring in a tidy amount of monthly income........but for this, you need traffic! AdSense can be tailored to fit in with your website as it’s easily customized in terms of colors, size and position. This makes the adverts stand out ( or fit in! ) very well on most web pages.

By using AdSense and putting ads on your website you can create a constant revenue on your site. I have a more than a few friends online that actaully make a living off these adverts alone! It's actually a business within itself if used correctly.

Adsense allows you to have the same account advertising on different web pages. I found this very handy as putting ads on your website does not require multiple accounts. There's nothing worse ( or more confusing ) than creating multiple accounts for each website or separate blog you run. Adsense is basically housed in one place for you.

It all sounds pretty cool so far doesn't it? Unfortunately there are more than a few drawbacks when using this platform when putting ads on your website. The largest negative impact the AdSense program can have on you is through Google closing your accounts. Most of the time this happens because of so called click fraud - getting someone to click the adverts on your page ( or clicking them yourself! )

But as well as this there are stories of accounts being closed down for no reason. I, myself had to look into using other options for putting ads on your website because of problems with Adsense. These problems were eventually cleared up but they sowed a seed of doubt in the reliability of the whole platform for me. Because of this I now use a mix of three different advert networks.

The other thing that bugs me is the competition to your website actually have a way of crippling you through Adsense. All they have to do is constantly click your adverts for about ten minutes and get you blacklisted as a false clicker. It sounds like a pretty lame thing to do but believe me - there are people like this out there.

So there are the pros and cons of using the AdSense network for generating profits through advertising. There are also other options for putting ads on your website that have less rules and are nowhere near as strict.

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