Quick Numerology Readings for the Week of May 25th , 2015 – May 31st, 2015

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Just a brief numerology forecast for the week of May 25th - May 31st, 2015

Before We Begin

A Quick Note: If you know how to find your personal year, just go ahead and skip this part.

For those who are new to this, I just want to provide a quick explanation of how to calculate your personal year. Otherwise, these readings will make no real sense.

First, write down the day and month in which you were born. Next, add them together. For example, if you were born on December 23rd. You would add 1+2 (from 12) to get 3, then add that to the 23. You will have 26, which when you add 2+6 gives you 8.

Next, write down the current year (2015) and add the 8 to the year. In this case, you would get 2023. After that, add together all of the numbers in that sum 2+0+2+3. This would give you 7, and that would be your personal year.

Once that's done, just find the "numeroscope" with the appropriate number, and you'll have your 'scope for the week.

The Readings

Personal Year 1:

This week is a week for excitement and opportunity! The chance may come to do a little traveling and meet some interesting people. Consider this a week to enjoy and explore who you really are, maybe do a little networking or spend something on yourself (it is a universal eight year, after all!) If nothing else, start a trip and see where it takes you!

Personal Year 2:

A home and family kind of week, but this works out just fine for those of you with a personal year of two. This year for you is one of patience and consolidation. This week, spend some quiet time with your family or loved ones, stop worrying about work and money, and get to know them all over again.

Personal Year 3:

Despite your desire to go out and spend some time with friends (particularly work colleagues,) this week you will have the urge to spend some time alone. You might find yourself going for walks by yourself, or researching a topic that catches your interest.

Personal Year 4:

This week is a good one in which to work on financial matters. Take extra hours, balance your checkbook, make sound investments and do your homework on the matter! You are in a bit of a “nose to the grindstone” sort of year, so you might as well work hard for the money.

Personal Year 5:

You are in a year of change, and for this week that means change by endings. No, not like that! I need my readers (you make me feel so useful!) I mean it is a good week in which to wrap up projects you have been working on, or at least bring projects that are going nowhere to a final close so you can work on something else.

Personal Year 6:

This is a year in which the home takes center stage. A great week for weddings, but a fine week to start things with the family, as well. People close to you are going to get closer, so now is a good time to get something new off of the ground with them.

Personal Year 7:

You may be feeling a bit more sensitive than usual this week, which will lend itself well to the introspection precipitated by your seven year. Take advantage of the need for patience this week by exploring and examining the emotional part of yourself.

Personal Year 8:

This week lends itself well to pleasure-seeking and a bit of extravagance. It's a good idea to go and have a good time. Since you're also in a money year, you can use this opportunity to entertain some clients (or your boss) to combine the two in a week that stands a chance of not only mixing business with pleasure, but pulling some profit from the mix.

Personal Year 9:

You're likely to feel a bit of a squeeze this week, but don't let it get you down. You have been excited about finishing some things off this year, but this is a week in which you will have to work for your happily ever after. A deadline crunch is likely this week.


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