Quiz: Are You Ready for Pointe Shoes?

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Pointe shoes are one of the trademarks of ballet - take this quiz to see if you might be ready to progress onto pointe.

Are You Ready?

Pointe - it is the one thing every aspiring dancer is longing for; being approved for it is a veritable rite of passage. It is also what makes out the ethereal quality of the ballerina, the way she seems to be floating on air. But pointe shoes are no laughing matter. As eager as you might be to start, please remember that going en pointe too early may well ruin your ballet career, and your feet too. Take this quick test to assess whether you should consider the move en pointe or whether it might just be a little too early.

1. How old are you?

(Under 10: 0 points; 10-11 years: 1 point; 12+: 2 points)

2. How long have you been taking ballet lessons?

(Under a year: 0 points; 1-2 years: 1 point; 2+ years: 2 points)

3. How many ballet classes a week do you take?

(1 class: 0 points; 2 classes: 1 point; 3+ classes: 2 points)

4. Are you usually focused in class? You may have to ask your teacher’s opinion about this.

(Often not very focused: 0 points; Usually focused: 1 point; Almost always or always focused: 2 points)

5. Are you prepared for the fact that sometimes, pointe hurts?

(No, I can’t endure pain: 0 points; Probably/ don’t really know: 1 point; I think I’m prepared: 2 points)

6. Do you have good foundation technique and are your feet strong? Again, you might have to ask a qualified adult about their opinion.

(I don’t know/ probably not: 0 points; Maybe, I think so: 1 point; I am absolutely sure I have good technique and strong feet: 2 points)

0-4 points: You don’t seem ready for pointe. It is probably advisable to wait a while.
5-9 points: You may be ready. Ask your teacher whether he would consider putting you en pointe.
10-12 points: Congratulations! It looks like you are probably ready for pointe.

In any of the three cases above, please make sure you still ask a qualified ballet instructor whether he or she believes you are ready. This test is just an indication of where you may stand, and in the end, it should be your teacher who approves you for pointe. Nevertheless, the six key factors considered in this quiz should help you understand the requirements for a student to be put en pointe, and show you where you stand at the moment, as well as what you could work on to progress faster. Please feel free to leave a message if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Happy dancing!


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author avatar Maya Mustafa
12th Feb 2018 (#)

I am unsure whether I should go on pointe I go to platinum dance school , and apparently don't let children go on pointe till they are a teenager . I have practiced very hard , but don't know my ankle strength, I think I'm ready but need advice

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