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myths and truths about rabies and what to do with your pet to prevent them form acquiring rabies.

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One of the most dangerous disease that human can acquire from dogs is rabies. It’s a disease caused by a virus that affects the central nervous system. Sadly there is no treatment available for rabies. But what is the truth about this disease? Most people have the wrong information regarding rabies. One example is the belief that all dogs are born with rabies. The truth is that rabies is an infectious disease and not inborn to dogs. Actually, all warm blooded animals can get the disease. It can be transmitted to other animals through bites of infected animals or by means of contaminated virus laden saliva that gets in contact with eyes, lips and mouth. In the Philippines, dogs are the most common source of rabies infection.

Another myth about rabies is that, it can be prevented through folk medicine like “tawak” (rural alternative concoctions) and “tandok” (deer horn is placed over a wound that is believed to suck out the rabies virus).

Signs of rabies in animals include salivation or sometimes foaming at the mouth, paralysis or behavioral changes in your pets. There are three different phrases of the disease. The first phase is the prodromal stage that may last for 2 to 3 days. During this stage, behavioral changes may be noted. After the prodromal phase, animals may enter the furious stage wherein they become restless, irritable, and aggressive and begin to roam. Dogs become disoriented and may have seizures and eventually die. The third phase is the paralytic stage which may develop either after the prodromal or furious stage. Dropped jaw, salivation, and inability to swallow are due to the paralysis of the throat and face. The animals eventually die due to respiratory failure.
If a person is bitten by a dog, wash the wound with soap and water, then consult a physician. Do not kill the dog! Restrain it with leash or confine it in a cage and observe the dog for 14 days for any signs of rabies infection. If the dog dies within 14 days of the incidence, get in touch with a veterinarian for proper submission of sample to the diagnostic laboratory.

People should practice responsible pet ownership. Pets need your time, money and love. It is important that we provide them with clean food and water and comfortable shelter. Keep them on leash to prevent contact with rabid dogs and visit your vet for anti-rabies vaccine. Vaccination is the best way to prevent rabies infection.
Dogs that are three months of age may already be vaccinated against rabies every year thereafter. Rabies prevention is easy and simple. It is very important that we do our part for the safety of our pets, family members and immediate neighbors.


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