RC Helicopters A Great Hobby To Be A Part Of

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This article will discuss RC helicopters and the different types there are. I will talk about the RC helicopter I had built and how fun the RC helicopter is.

RC Helicopters Is My Passion

I enjoy customizing and flying RC helicopters. When I was younger I used to build all different types of models. But after a while I get bored with spending hours on a project that just sits there and you are not able to do anything with the model but look at it. Now don't get me wrong, I am not knocking model building in any way at all! This is a hobby that many people enjoy including many of my friends. But I guess I just wanted a little more out of a hobby. Especially when you finish a project that you can actually fly around! There's nothing like the feeling of flying an RC helicopter because all the mechanical components are very close to the real thing. They also take a bit of skill on the larger scales.

A Little About My Project

With my project I started out with basically a 450 T-Rex clone bare bones helicopter and started upgrading it with T-Rex parts and some aftermarket ones. I completely upgraded the electrical servos, gyro, batteries and an upgraded belt drive system for the rear tail blade. I also purchased a customized airbrushed canopy which is beautiful in person. I am currently working on some of the kinks such as aligning the blades, linkages etc. I would like to write another article about this topic because there is so much to discuss and I would like to get into detail about this subject.

There are basically three types of RC helicopters which I will talk about below.

E-flites Blade CX3 MD520N Coaxial Model Heli

How coaxial RC helicopters work

A conventional helicopter has a single main rotor consisting of two or more separate blades. When the motor powers up and turns the main blades a force called torque is naturally generated as a result of the spinning motion. The natural reaction to this torque is for the helicopter fuselage to want to spin in the opposite direction to the main blades, rather like when you twist a piece of cord it naturally wants to unwind itself.

To counteract this torque a tail rotor is used to generate sideways thrust. The tail rotor is a vertically mounted rotor (essentially a small airplane propeller) which pushes air against the direction of fuselage rotation, thus preventing the helicopter from spinning wildly out of control.

RC helicopter tail rotors are either variable pitch with servo control or fixed pitch with motor control, and the amount of thrust generated by the tail rotor can be changed, either by altering the pitch angle of the tail rotor blades or by changing the speed of the tail rotor motor, depending on the type of tail rotor in use.

Whichever method is used, the change in thrust controls the yaw of the helicopter i.e. which direction the nose is pointing, by either giving in to the natural reaction against the torque (lessening tail rotor thrust) or by pushing the helicopter round in the same direction as the main blades (increasing the thrust).

A great coaxial helicopter for the beginner is the Syma S107G. I have three of them and a beginner can be flying one in about 30 minutes. The best part is the price! You can find them on Ebay for approximately $20.00 or less.

Fixed Pitch RC Helicopters

A fixed pitch RC helicopter consists of a single mail blade and a rear tail blade to counter the spinning of the main blade. The term fixed pitch basically means that the angle of the main blade can not be changed. Although the servos tilt the main blade to move in a certain direction, the main blades themselves do not move.

Collective Pitch Heli

These type of helicopters are a little bit more tricky to fly and usually advised for the experienced flyer. But I have seen some people fly them with little to no experience at all. Beginners luck? The blades on this helicopters can be pitched. With a fixed pitch heli you have to increase your engine speed in order to climb higher as with a collective pitch you can change your main blades pitch without increasing your engine speed. These type of helicopters require proper main blade set up before being able to fly properly.

So these are the three different types of RC helicopters and the suggested order on how you should start out. As I mentioned before, every case is individual. I'm still basically learning how to fly a 450 collective pitch heli while there are 10 years olds next to me flying theirs upside down(inverted flying)!

A Great Battery Charger

If your an avid RC helicopter flyer a great investment is to have a universal lipo battery charger. This charger will work on any of your batteries. The B6 charges each cell equally for a perfectly balanced charge giving your battery the ultimate performance. A balanced charge will also help keep your batteries lasting longer. This charger can also take a practically dead battery and bring it back to life. Your stock charger will not do this, it will only give you charging error warnings. If you check out one of these chargers make sure it is an original. There are many fake ones out there that are useless. They are not made well and will not last long. Always check with the seller to see if it is the real deal or not.

E-Flite Blade MCX RC Helicopter

This is by far my favorite micro helicopter! It's perfect to fly indoors on those rainy bad days and during the winter months when you need to get your RC helicopter fix. Don't let their tiny size fool you they are built just as good as their older brothers! They are extremely easy to fly and hover right out of the box. This is the perfect beginners rc helicopter as well as a favorite to the experienced seasoned flyers.

The MCX has no problem flying outdoors in calm to mild weather conditions. Once you get into flying and purchase more helis you will always have one of these in your collection!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and some of you found it helpful. There are also Quad RC helicopters which have four blades and are also fun to fly!


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