Rachel Carson and how and why she wrote Silent Spring

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Are you wondering what else there could be to know about this book and author? Here is the third and final part of the series on this author and her book.

Rachel Carson studies exposure to pesticides in individual things

She did a lot of investigations doing each incidence separately studying instances of pesticide exposure. The pesticide exposure she tested was in the being in the hundreds of studies. She saw what pesticides did to the air and how much they damage the environment and has much harm it's caused our environment. And there was a large number of people getting sick.

Carson develops bedridden illness

The book had to be delayed because Carson developed an illness in January 1960. The illness lead her bedridden for weeks. She started to get better in March 1960. She then realized her left breast had cysts and had to undergo a mastectomy. In December 1960, Carson was diagnosed with breast cancer, and that wasn't bad enough the cancer spread.

A poem that inspired the book Silent Spring

She also delayed her research because she was revising the revision of "The sea around us". And she did a photo essay with Eri h Hartmann.

Even though the book "Silent Spring" was published in 1962 the fall of 1960 most of the research and writing was done. The only part that wasn't done was to some research that was new in 1960. The research was about biological controls and some new pesticide investigations. Then she had more health problems. She put revisions on hold in late 1961 and early 1962

The title of the book came from Carson being inspired by a poem that is titled in French, that I used my five years of French classes to translate. The poem in English " translated "The beautiful woman, says Thank you." that was written by John Keats and the line in the poem "The sedge is withered from the lakes, And no birds sing."

Originally the book's Chapter on birds was suggested as being called "Silent Spring."

What to call the book?

In August 1961, Carson went instead for her literary agent Marie Rodell, who suggested Carson use the title that would be considered a metaphor for the book. The metaphor for the book would be saying that there will not be a good for the entire world if the pesticide is being used. The suggested was to take a place of the chapter on Birds that was going to be called Silent Spring because birds will continue to die if pesticide spraying isn't stopped. Carson was all for her literary agent and the metaphor for the book.

The Houghton Mifflin editor Paul Brooks had illustrations made for Silent Spring by Louis and Lois Darling, who designed the cover.

The first chapter was the finished writing called, "A Fable for Tomorrow":.She wrote this to give an easy way to introduce a serious subject not harshly

Almost done editing Carson

In the mid-year 1961, Brooks and Carson almost were almost done editing and had a plan to get the book promoted by asking. Certain groups were asked their opinion of the book by Carson giving this select group a copy of her book to read,

n the Silent Spring book used two New York Organic far, Marjorie Spock, and Mary Richards and that of and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer an advocate biodynamic farming to prove her DDT case.

The message of Silent Spring

The whole book "Silent Spring" had a Strong message to the world that humans effects on the humans.

The main ingredient is to emphasize the pesticides n the environment. She says that She says biocide they aren't killing only the pests that they are meant to kill.

The best example is DDT but other pesticides are synthetic, and there are many that bioaccumulate.


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7th Dec 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar chrysolite
8th Dec 2015 (#)

Yes, medicine girl, Rachel Carson was right, wrote about it, but hardly anybody took notice in the long run.

Also in the long run, pesticides and herbicides will kill, injure or make most people sick. We can already see the effects, but people want to keep their eyes firmly shut.

The only hope for us is to grow or buy bio-dynamic food to stay healthy and fit. So that's what I eat and I'm healthy.

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19th Feb 2020 (#)

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