Rachel Carson and the writing of Silent Spring Part 2

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DO you know who started the environmental movement? Has this movement tasted? Have you ever thought about whether pesticides are healthy for us or not?

rachel and the deciding to write the book all by herself

The journalist, Edwin Diamond from Newsweek for whom she was was going to write the introduction and conclusion to the book he would write and she decided not to write that. As he decided to write her book and there was such anger that when the book Rachel Carson wrote was published he started to spend hatred by giving the book "Silent Spring" the worst possible review he could think.

While Rachel Carson was conducting her research, she found a large amount of scientists who were conducting the same research as she was conducting.They were all seeing the Psychological and environmental results from pesticides.

To write this book she had to read scientific literature and talked wit Government scientists.

Rachel Carson and open and closed minded scientists

Carson found two groups of beliefs in the scientists. There were those who told her that there was nothing wrong and no chance of danger even if the case proved correct from the scientific literature.

But not all the scientists were for the spraying of pesticides, There was a second group that had enough of an open mind to consider that it is possible pesticides called cancer, The open minded scientists had no problem with trying things liker biological pest control.

Public Service Movie Fire Ants on Trial

The UnitedStates Department of Agriculture that is also called the USDA had their Agriculture research service by 1959 tried to go against her criticism of them by making a the film for public service called "Fire Ants on Trial." Carson had the answer to the movie with her words saying she considered the movie "Flagrant Propaganda ." In the film the writers ignored the danger there is to wildlife and-and human that happens when there are sprayings of pesticides.

So Carson wrote a letter to the Washington Post that was published that birds were going down in the population that Rachel Carson called 'Silencing of the Birds.' And sCarson aid the reason for this was the pesticide use the reason the birds were pesticide use.

FDA hearings of Pesticide rules

The Food and Drug Administration had hearings on making new pesticide rules, Carson was feeling like she would never have her ideal pesticide-free the world when she went to the FDA hearings because chemical company representatives were quite an aggressive and gave what they said the pesticides weren't going to hurt anybody.

People who that chemical companies who were said to be experts were saying things about pesticides that Rachel Carson were entirely wrong and went against everything in the scientific literature that she had ever studied.

In the FDA hearing that she went she had a theory that was a concern that was in her words the "financial inducements behind individual pesticides programs."

Carson and research at Library of Medicine

Carson did research at two prominent places, the Library of Medicine, and the National Institutes of Health. That is where she was able to find scientists who were believed or considered or were willing that chemicals were causing cancer.

The most famous studies at the time were done by Wilhelm Hueper, a national cancer researcher founding director of the Environmental Cancer Center section would research chemicals and many pesticides and wasn't afraid to label things they were carcinogens

Librarian of National Institutes of Health gives Carson help in finding pesticide proof.

Carson had a research assistant, Jeanne Davis and they had found with the help of the Librarian of the National Institutes of Health, Dorothy Algire, they had the evidence they needed that proved pesticides cause cancer,

Carson had no problem believing this evidence but those scientists. But they were limited in number that had focused their research on the carcinogenesis they used to classify pesticides. The scientists who didn't study this thought those who studied pesticides were controversial.

She had enough research material in the year 1960 and writing was going great.


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6th Dec 2015 (#)

Carson was the first environmental-terrorist, the queen of junk science, and one of the greatest mass killers in recent history. Rachel Carson recklessly wrote the notorious anti-pesticide book entitled Silent Spring while she was stricken and dying with breast cancer, which was diagnosed in spring 1960. While writing the book, she underwent radical mastectomy in April 1960, as well as radiation treatment. Given her own terminal state of health, Carson decided to wail endlessly about the supposed risks of chemicals in the environment, specifically DDT insecticide. In the minds of many observers, there is no doubt that Carson’s illness tainted her views regarding chemicals. It is a known fact that while a person is dying due to a disease, the human mind often attempts to link the reason for the disease with a specific event or blunder. Consequently, Silent Spring was Carson’s scientifically inaccurate blunder. Moreover, Carson had no competent background, training, or expertise in matters concerning pest control products. She was not competent to discuss pest control products. In fact, Carson can only be described as a mere zoologist, spinster, and cancer victim. With the passage of time, it has become clear that Silent Spring was severely flawed. Most of the allegations in Silent Spring were ultimately shown to be scientifically inaccurate and filled with junk science. Some observers maintain that Silent Spring was approximately two-thirds incorrect, and hence only one-third correct. Carson has been described as a lying female jackal, and a paranoid, lying chemophobe who paved the way for killing millions of innocents on continents like Africa. http://wp.me/p1jq40-7WY Because of their conspiracy to prohibit against DDT insecticide, Carson and her followers have been held accountable for killing more people than Hitler. For The Whole Truth about RACHEL CARSON, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site ... http://wp.me/P1jq40-2SN http://wp.me/P1jq40-1I5

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