Rachel Carson and the writing of Silent Spring part 1

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DO you desire to do something good for your environment? Do you think people have always been caring about the environment? Or have you heard about this book? What happened with this book? And did anybody read it?

Silent Spring in its book cover

When some people decided the environment is being taken care of are said to be going green in the 21 st century.

The idea of taking care of the environment was becoming popular when a woman named Rachel Carson called wrote a book about saving the environment in 1962. Rachel Carson is a lady who cared for the environment. But she had her pet cause that she talked and wrote about the most. She cared most about the pesticides and the way the pesticides destroy the birds. She cared what would happen if the world didn't do anything to protect the environment.

Rachel Carson and the movement that she began

Rachel Carson decided in the late 1950's to think about the environment. When she thought about the situation, she decided that that synthetic pesticides were destroying our environment. She made it her goal to study pesticides She studied synthetic pesticides and wrote her next book "Silent Spring" to plead her case in 1962.

Chemical companies refused to believe they were having a bad impact on the environment. But despite their strong protest against Carson's ideas, Carson had a victory when she wrote her book in 1962. "Silent Spring" lead to rules being changed and the companies make the pesticide DDT for farmers in agriculture. Rachel Carson is also the woman who started the environmental movement that has as another victory for Rachel Carson as because of her the United States began the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The way the the people of Long Island sued over the aerial spraying of DDT.

Carson was concerned and disturbed about the issue of the environment that she thought she would focus on about how people abuse the environment.

She decided in 1957 when the United States department of agriculture did a project of getting rid of fire ants; she was disturbed. She didn't like the way the United States Departement of Agriculture used DDT and other types of pesticides with fuel oil mixed in it. They were spraying on private land that made Rachel Carson more determined to study pesticides and environmental poisons. She wasn't the only one at the start of her research that was concerned about pesticides. When the zUnited States Department of Agriculture started to get rid of fire ants. The people who lived on Long Island so against it so they filed a lawsuit halting the spraying. This case was watched closely by those interested in the overuse of pesticides. But those who sued in Long Island lost their court case. IT was a partial loss. They did get a right to get an injunction if they were ever having their area having their environment ruined in the futures.

Olga Owens Huckins

Rachel Carson's friend Olga Owens Huckins wrote a letter in January 1958 that caused Rachel Carson to do her research. Olga Owens Huckins wrote the letter to the Boston Herald. The contents of the letter deal with the death on her property that they used serialised DDT and the death of birds on her property.

On her property, there was serialized spraying of DDT that was meant to kill mosquitos. Huckins gave a copy to Rachel Carson.

Carson later wrote that this letter that made her study environmental problems and s got her interested in the problem.

Rachel Carson and the Audubon society

Rache Carson had the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Audubon Society strongly wanting her to help make the public know about how the U.S sprays and practices related and any other research..

That is when the four-year project that was "Silent Spring" by finding all around her all the damage she believed DDT called.

Carson decides to write book herself tries to get scientists ad E.B. White on her side

Carson tried to get E.B. White, who is an essay writer and some scientists to be on her side of the problem.

By 1958, Carson was able to get a book deal and was going write with Newsweek Science Journalist Edwin Diamond.

.Then the New YYrk Times offered to pay Carson for a long and well-paid article on the topic. She decided she wasn't going to write on the topic as originally planned. The original plan was writing the introduction and conclusion then she decided this was going to be her book and would write the whole thing


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