Raising support for the Landsmeet in Dragon Age: Origins

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The Landsmeet is one of the biggest events in Dragon Age: Origins. Learn how to swing the vote in your favor here.

The Landsmeet

The big event in Denerim, the one that determines much of what happens at the end of the game, is the Landsmeet. Held in the Royal Palace and involving all of the major noble houses of Ferelden, the Landsmeet is the big face-off between the Warden and Loghain that settles the civil war once and for all.

Even though Arl Eamon organized the thing, however, he's not assured success, nor are you. Indeed he's quite sure that you don't have the support to win against a war hero like Loghain, who despite his treachery is still much loved by the people of Ferelden. You need to not only run his name through the mud, but make yourself look like kings in the eyes of the rest of the nobles.

And, fortunately, there are several things you can do prior to the Landsmeet that will assure yourself success in the eventual vote, though you'll have to do a few things around Denerim to get people on your side. Most of them are found along the way of your required duties anyway.

The Process

The first big thing to do is get through the invasion of Rendon Howe's estate and visit the dungeons, as three captives down here will make a difference in the votes:

- First is a templar named Irminric, who was captured and imprisoned after he lost a Blood Mage who was under his care (none other than Jowan). Take the ring he offers to his sister in the Gnawed Noble, Bann Alfstanna, and you'll have her support.

- Second is a noble named Oswyn who's been stretched on a rack. He's the son of Bann Sighard, and if released will speak well of you in his father's ear, who's in the Gnawed Noble as well.

- Third is Bann Vaughn, a familiar face to the city Elf origin, who will offer up his support once he's taken his arldom back from Howe. Kill Howe and release Vaughn and you've got three votes. That said, don't accept the money he offers or you'll have no vote (tempting though 40 sovereigns may be).

- While you're in the Gnawed Noble you can also convince Arl Wulff to vote on your side by speaking of the Darkspawn threat here rather than in Orlais.

- You'll also earn a vote by completing the Trial of the Crows quest from Master Ignacio, freeing the boy of an important noble in the process. It's the last of the Assassin quests.

- You can also speak to Anora and agree to support her and win points over Loghain, whether you're actually going to help her win or not.

- And, last, you can enter the Elven Alienage and track down the slave trade, which is tied back to Loghain and makes great firepower against the teryn.

Once you've completed most or all of the above, you can feel fairly confident in your chances.


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4th Aug 2010 (#)

I haven't had a chance to play any of the Dragon Age games yet but I hear they're pretty fun. This is well-written, good job.

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