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Rajasthan is famous for the beauty and elegance of its colourful turbans. It is the most important part of the traditional outfit and is proudly worn by the Rajasthan men-folk. we can find uncountable variations of turbans in Rajasthan and it is said that the size and style of these turban changes in every 15 km you travel down the desert region.

Crown of Rajasthan

Turban is used in many parts of India. In India, Turban is not a symbol of fashion,but it has a lot of significance in the lives of Indians.

The turbans of Rajasthan are the most colourful and impressive in whole of the India. The use of turbans was basically started by the Rajput community, who reside in the Indian state of Rajasthan. They used to wear different types of turbans and the Hindi pronunciation of turban is Paag, Safa or Pagri. Once you experience the royal culture of Rajasthan, you will be amazed with the variations of colourful turbans.

Seasonal Turbans

Some turban colours are seasonal to wear like in between February and March, flowers bloom and crops are harvested, it makes the best time for tourists to see the royal Rajasthani men, wearing a falgunia turban having white and red designs. Whereas in the month of July, the predominant colour is motiya or pearl pink. A green and pink striped or yellow and red striped lahariya turban, where the colours are tie dyed in waves, are worn during the time of monsoon. Whereas the Pancharanga is the distinguishing turban in the colourful soil of Rajasthan.

How To Wear Rajasthani Turban

I.Hold one end of the cloth and twist it slightly to make it look fuller. Hold one end just over your ear and take it once completely around the head, securing the open end firmly so it gives a good hold to the turban.

II.Now twirl the remainder of the cloth slightly and keep taking it around the already held base in various angles. Make sure the turban edges are held in place by constant tucking.

III. When you have used the whole length of the cloth, tuck the end of it firmly under the base which should be around the forehead. The turban has been successfully tied if it holds up without the need to hold it with hands.


It is easier to work with cotton -- it has a good grip and is lightweight. Once the first circle around the forehead is firm, the rest of the turban is easy -- it just settles on the strong base.

If either end of the cloth is not tucked in there is a danger of the turban coming loose and untying itself. Make sure the headdress is secure on the head.

Advantages of Turbans

The Turban's size changes with the variations of the climatic conditions. Turbans in the hot desert areas are large and loose. Farmers and shepherds, who need constant protection from the elements of nature wear some of the most voluminous turbans. They also have many practical functions. Exhausted travellers use it as a pillow, a blanket or a towel. Water, if muddy, can be strained through a turban.The Maharajahs of Rajasthan were known for their colourful traditional dresses and grand turbans. The people of Rajasthan down the years would adopt approximately the same style of headgear as the reigning king.


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The beauty of culture. It makes sense to those practicing it and it's absurd for a person from a different culture to think and call it nonsense.

Only a beer drinker knows the value of his beer that a non-drinker might not understand.

I love this. Thanks for sharing.

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A very practical form of headgear

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