Rape Prevention Technology: Ultimate solution

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A scientific solution is given for the problem of Rape, which is pestering the whole soceity from its very beginning.

Gene Therapy to Cure Rape

In article R Part 2, the possible scientific explanation behind the incidence of rape was discussed. I had talked about the possibility of an altered gene which might be responsible for such an activity same as that of a gene called MAO gene, which is said to be responsible for violence. However, if this theory is proved, then the solution for the cure of the problem rape will become quite simple.

The answer is Gene Therapy. In this therapy the target gene is either removed or modified or the desired gene is added into the organism. This therapy has been successfully tried in plants, microbes and animals. So, it wont be wrong to say that in future it will be possible to use gene therapy on humans for correction of various disease and one of them will be Rape. This will be much better option than federal prison because here being powerful will be of little importance, a thing which works pretty effectively in the current bureaucratic and judicial structure of world. The reason is like this because when a child is born, then only he/she could be checked for the gene and can immediately corrected.

It is easy to speak but extremely difficult to do. But, then do we have options which guarantees 100% success.


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author avatar Denise O
29th Dec 2010 (#)

Very interesting theory. I hope it has legs.
Being one that was raped in my 20's. I sure would like it see it not happen to another.
Thank you for sharing.
I look forward to reading more of your work.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Tranquilpen
5th Mar 2012 (#)

Well, ..........., this is another excellent read, I recall officialdom of certain countries, adding Copper sulphate to coffee consumed by military conscripts in the 70's in the hopes of counter-acting erections? Not sure of it's efficacy though.If genetic modification were to be introduced, it would take dozens of years to alter the mindset of some third world governments, in whose vocabulary, there actually are no traditional words for rape and love. The best they can muster up for love is the word "Like" as in I like you,. or "U rape" in English. Sad but true.

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