Reaching "that place" and getting past it

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Some days are better than others, but we can all get better through consistency and effort. Without that persistence failure becomes real, and life becomes nothing but a routine we want to escape.That is "the place" I am writing about escaping.


I once heard an early Michael Jackson song called "This Place Hotel" or "Heartbreak Hotel", and realized that sometimes you have to make a clean break with all bad things in life, then grow something good in their place instead of letting the bad things just fester and become giant weeds.

Sometimes when I am growing my trees in the courtyard of my apartment, I notice that weeds and other nuisances grow in my pots. I just pull them, use a little weed killer and start working on that area. I do not give up. I just cut out the weeds and other nuisances and work on things with the philosophy that something good will grow when I work on that area, and one weed pulled means more productive leaves and branches on the tree.

In life, we all have our weeds, but the situation with patience, understanding and tolerance can be changed whenever and however it comes up. Permanent failure only happens when the situation is considered unchangeable. So, consider this, like a dirty glass of water, the glass can be changed to a clean glass of water when the water in the glass is changed. Same principle about failure and permanent failure. So, here is where I think of railroad magnate James Jerome Hill, he was a "failure" until well after maturity when his genius kicked in and he made lots of money in the time of railroads. His "life glass of water was dirty", then it got cleaned by success in railroads, or Henry Ford, he did not succeed until well past maturity either. Albert Einstein was considered silly, and a mathematician full of folly until he came up with and developed "that formula" fully well into his thirties and forties. My point is, opportunity knocks many times and in many ways, and for it to work we must answer once right probably better than these people did to get our opportunity. That is "the rub". In short, we must pull weeds and keep growing good plant until we have made it with a full grown healthy tree. Get it?

So, opportunity knocks many times looking like work, toil and trouble, but really being opportunity, but if we answer that opportunity in the right way once we realize what it is, that is when success happens.

So, why did I call this section once if opportunity knocks many times? Come on, opportunity knocks a lot and looks like something else, but we must answer once in the right way if we want to capture it genuinely. That is my point.

Look even Edwin C. Barnes of the Edison company and Richard Underwood Darby or R.U. Darby the insurance salesman that Napoleon Hill used as examples learned this lesson. You cannot waver from opportunity when it knocks, you must recognize it and take it quickly with one great answer in readiness for it.


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