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Anyone that wants to consider taking transit to help your part in reducing bad carbon from the air this has some information on how to. Transit help people to go to from place to another and back. Transit is easy to use as you read this writing will hopefully show.

Saving Money

Riding the bus can actually save money in the long run. With gas prices over $3 dollars all over the country it would be easy to find ways to cut expenses any way possible. Most bus systems has ways to save everyone money when people decide to ride bus on a regular basis. Checkout your local public bus company to see what they offer to help you to ride the bus more.

Some places like the bus system here in Milwaukee offers weekly and monthly bus passes and tickets at reduced cost. The Milwaukee County Transit System also offer Commuter Value where the transit system and the employee's place of work might offer employees who has more than 20 riders that travel to work by bus by having the employer paying for some of the cost while the employees pays for the remainder of it.

Also by saving money by not using the car as much not only saving money on gas but also saving money on any repairs on cars.

Reduce Pollution

The more people that leaves their cars at home and uses the bus it reduces the carbon pollution in the air a whole lot. A full bus can eliminate about 20 vehicles off the road. The more people that can take bus means one less car on the road, which mean less traffic and you can reach your destination much quicker due to less cars on the street. So basically the less vehicles that are on the street the less bad pollution that we all have to breath each and every day.

How To Use Transit

Using mass transit like buses are very easy to use. First look on the internet or contact your local transit system for a map with all the local routes so you are able to which route to use to take get you place where you are going to.

Then after you have done that then look up the routes that you are taking and look for the times that will pick you up and to drop you off. It is helpful if you are taking multiplies routes that you look up the last bus first and find the time that be the closest time of arrival where you suppose to be and once you do you look up the other routes so you can have better connecting routes so you don't have to wait long for your next route.

Relax On Your Ride

When you ride the bus you take a lot of stress off of yourself when you don't drive your car. When you take the bus you can read a book or listen to something as long as the radio that you are listening to has ear phones to put into your ears due to some policies that some transit systems have on radio listening. Make sure to check on their policies on that part. You take to other people on the bus to make conversations with other people is most of the time a good thing.

Consider Riding Transit

I hope that this information helps you to consider riding the bus more often and less depended on cars. I am currently riding the bus and actually enjoy riding it. It tool me a while to get adjusted to riding the bus, but I am use to it. There are so many things that only take me either one one bus or two. Once and a blue moon that I have to take three buses but that is very seldom. So I hope that you enjoy the ride to and from your destination.

Supporting Links

Here is a website for Milwaukee County Transit System to use as an example for using transit. I hope that you find this site useful as an example.

My Experience Of Riding The Buses

I have been riding the buses off and on for most of my life and lately it has been more. To me it has been very economical for me and my family. Grant you the only negative for me is to deal with the weather with the rain, snow and the cold. But overall there has been more pluses than negatives. And yes I do honestly enjoy taking the bus everyday. At least I am doing my part of not sending all the pollution into the air.


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author avatar Jack Wellman
16th Sep 2011 (#)

Superb reasons and what a fine work this is my friend. Thank you.

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author avatar Retired
19th Sep 2011 (#)

I use the bus in New Zealand and have to say it is a lot cheaper to travel around as I save on parking, servicing and above all, I am stress free in other words as we have a designated bus lane. I know my monthly expense for transportation is $200 and that is it.
Thank you for promoting bus travel, think it is ideal and practical and will bring down pollution in the environment and a better quality life as a result.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
18th Oct 2011 (#)

I think it takes a little getting used to. Getting up and ringing the bell before it is too late, or being told that the bus stops there anyway, or having the right change. How about riding a school bus with all the kids.................that is a real learning experience!

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