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There are a variety of search engines on the Web. These search engines can be of some variety, with plenty of options and features for searches. So, here are a few recommended search engines that are worth considering.


Well, Google had to be included. After all, it's not the top search engine for nothing is it? Google's search engine is precise, accurate, and will usually bring up a number of relevant websites for your particular search. The Google search engine has a simple, no thrills home page with its large text box for searches. Then, with the options at the top of Google you can tailor your searches towards images, videos, maps, blogs, and more besides. Google also has an extensive range of tools and software such as its browser Google Chrome, calender, and docs. In addition, Google has web search features for sport scores, weather, reference tools, and unit conversion. So overall, Google is a recommended search engine.


One of the more recent search engines is that of Bing, which is emerging as one of the best alternatives to Google. Bing's search engine includes backdrop images which gives the search engine a little more flair than the somewhat plain Google. From here, Bing has the fairly standard features of Google, but then also includes a visual search option which includes a variety of galleries to search through, and presents results with images. Bing also includes a handy text translator tool which can translate a variety of languages. As such, Bing is a search engine worth noting.

Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves, with the jovial butler, is a search engine where searches can be made with questions. You can input questions into the search engine such as: which is the best search engine? Jeeves will then provide a number of relevant websites which may provide some clues. Ask Jeeves also has a good number of search tools which can be used for searches for things like weather, dictionary, and a currency converter. In addition to this, Ask Jeeves also has a variety of themes that can be selected from for either a backdrop to the search engine, or alternative outfit for the butler Jeeves which is a good touch. So, why not 'ask Jeeves?'

So these are a few recommended search engines. The search engines of Google, Bing, and Ask Jeeves have plenty of options and additional features for search engines, and are among the best search engines.


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