Recreating Forestland: Solving Threat of Indiscriminate Tree Felling

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One must understand the importance of forests. Indiscriminate felling can lead to decrease in forest cover. Immediate action will help preserve the forests.

Threats to forests

Forests cover 30.50% of all land area in this world. They constitute an important aspect of life on earth because it is a cradle for 90% of all biodiversity. Today, they are facing threat from indiscriminate felling of trees by man in his search for raw material, for industries as well as for his personal consumption. We know that forests play an important role in producing oxygen that is present in atmosphere. Amazon forests alone produce about 22% of this oxygen.

Tree felling and danger to forests in distinct zones

a) Desert zones: Threat happens to forests in desert areas through excessive felling, improper land use and overgrazing. Need in such areas is methods of reclaiming the desert land and afforestation programs. Proper forest management will lead to better lifestyle conditions for all local people.
b) Hilly zones: Denuded forests and exposed wasteland are subject to excessive soil erosion. Methods of conserving soil and thereby preserving forests are necessary. Among various methods used, creating bunds and terraces helps prevent erosion.
c) Ravine areas: This kind of land formation is prevalent along banks of river basins. This kind of erosion converts land into uncultivable lumps of landmass. One has to practice afforestation, terracing and controlled grazing in these areas. They carry out a survey to assess extent of damage and to determine feasibility of a project before they take any action.
d) Catchment areas: Afforestation of catchment areas will help in binding soil in downstream portion of river. This action helps improve fertility of soils, helps prevent erosion, increases timber content and helps extend life of dam structure.

Largest forests drainage basins in the world

Rivers and forests are a lifeline for all civilization. If these disappear, life would also disappear. Largest drainage basins are Amazon basin, River Plate basin, Congo basin, Nile basin and Mississippi basin. If you consider amount of water drained by rivers Amazon River (208, 127 cubic meter/s) leads followed by River Ganga (36, 970 cubic meter/s) and River Congo (30, 405 cubic meters/s) that take up second and third positions.
You can find largest forests of the world in Brazil – Russian forests that stretch from Karelia to Kamchatka Peninsula (809 million hectares), Amazon tropical forests covering 478 million hectares, forests of Canada (310 million hectares) and those of USA (303 million hectares).

Solutions to felling of trees

• Spread knowledge among people about forests and its utility value
• Combine forces with save forest campaign around our world and in our locality
• Be very serious about preventing deforestation
• Put your personal schemes that work towards prevention of use of forest products into higher gear
• Seek help from people of your locality for managing and aiding forest growth
• Help integrate better forest management techniques

Taking steps in time

One can say that forests are the wealth of any nation. Once people realize their importance and work towards a lasting solution, it becomes possible for us to stabilize forests. Thus, removing all threats to forests will increase prosperity of people and increase their standard of living.

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