Refreshing Homemade Tea Blends

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When we think of ways to enhance the flavor of our food, we think of herbs. When we think of ways to find relief from temporary symptoms off illness we think of herbal teas. What do you think of when you think of refreshing beverages?

Homemade Herbal Tea

Refreshing herbal teas don’t have to be purchased in a gourmet shop or health food store. It’s easy to make a delicious hot or iced-tea drink with ingredients in the cupboard and back garden.

Start with your favorite brand of tea, loose or in bags, and mix and match herbs and flowers to add to the brew. If you are using loose-leaf tea, start with 1 tsp. tea leaves per cup of boiling water so that the tea doesn’t overpower the taste of the herb. I suggest Darjeeling or Oolong, but others have success using any tea they may have on hand.

Add the herbs and flowers and let steep in a teapot or teacup for 4 to 5 minutes. Strain before drinking.

Ideas for Tea Blends

Don’t be afraid to be creative when looking for the perfect blend of herbs for teas. If a combination smells good, it will probably be delicious as well.

Add a few slivers of lemon slice and some violet blossoms to your favorite. The aroma and flavor will probably encourage you to experiment with other edible flowers, like hibiscus and elderberry blossoms. If it’s too late to pick the blossoms, use crushed elderberries instead.

Chamomile can be added to any of the tea blends, especially those you drink at night. It has a delicate taste and won’t interfere with the experimentation of other herbs and flowers.

• Apple mint goes well in Darjeeling tea. The herb can be used along with some sliced, dried apple.
• Peach blossom or chunks of fruit will enhance the flavor of a purchased peach flavored tea, or can be added to your favorite plain tea.
• Add rose petals or rose hips to give regular tea a flowery taste.
• Mints are always good in tea. With over 600 varieties available, it will be a long and rewarding journey to find the perfect mix of mint for the perfect cup of tea.

The above list is only a starting point. Introduce a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger to a cup of tea for added variety.


Before adding any ingredient to your diet, make sure it is edible. Also, be aware people can suffer allergies to herbs as well as to any other substance. Introduce new blossoms slowly to make sure there is no adverse reaction.

Herbs with strong medicinal properties can interact with prescribed and over the counter medications.


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author avatar MaryAnneSimpson
22nd Jul 2010 (#)

Nice article

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author avatar Patrice Campbell
22nd Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks. I love most teas.Hot or iced.

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author avatar Kelraye78
22nd Jul 2010 (#)

I am a big tea drinker also, and I had to write down some of these ideas for tea blends. I am not sure I would like th rose petals, but I do love mint in several different kinds of tea. Peach blossom sounds interesting as well.

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author avatar Patrice Campbell
22nd Jul 2010 (#)

The rose tea smells soooo good. And rose hips are a great source of vitamins. Wait until it gets cooler and they start to turn red to pink. Too late if they freeze. The taste a bit odd then.

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author avatar SuzAlicie
25th Jul 2010 (#)

I am very picky about having only plain old southern sweet tea when drinking it iced, but I love to experiment in the winter with different herbal hot teas.

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author avatar fionajean
28th Jul 2010 (#)

Hey there - I make my own blends as well - started because we have an elder tree that seems to constently bloom. Great ideas to try here.

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