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Joining Wikinut takes a matter of seconds, but if you'd like a bit more information about the details we ask for and why, read on.

Display name and email address

You display name will be shown on all your pages, and will be how you are know to your readers. You are free to enter either your real name here, or a pen name/ nickname . The only requirement is that this name is unique on our system, so if somebody else already has your chosen display name you'll have to try another one.

We ask for your email for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we send a registration email to the address you provide. In this email will be a verification link; until you have clicked on this link you will not be allowed to have any pages published on Wikinut. It's just our way of prevent people lots of accounts as email is another piece of information that is unique per account.

Secondly, we use your email address to contact you with any important information regarding your account such as payment, changes to terms of use etc. And if you decide to opt-in we'll send you tips, guides and promotional information.

Your login

You will need your username and password each time you login to Wikinut, so please try to choose something memorable but secure. Each Wikinut account has a unique username, so if your first choice is already taken please try another.

Once your account has been opened, you'll be able to change your password, but not your username. As with any login details, we'd advise that you change your password every few months.

Opt-in and terms

All Wikinut users must agree to our terms of use, which explain the Wikinut rules and outline our commitments to you.

You can also choose the opt-in to receive our Wikinut tips, guides and promotional offers. We'll only send these for your benefit, and as per the conditions outlined in our privacy policy will not sell any of your details to any third party.


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