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Is Reincarnation plausible or just a theory? Do we meet the same people each time and why can't we remember?


Do we come back as the wife, sister, friend or parent? There are many theories, some make sense and others need some convincing. We all possess souls which are eternal, unlike the human body which can only last physically for so many years. Through reincarnation we learn lessons built on what we have learnt before. We may have incomplete lessons from last time or choose to learn different lessons, or possibly a combination of both. Eternal means there is no time limit, so if we don’t achieve all the goals we aim for they carry on over to the next incarnation, so there is no escaping the lesson!

Often patterns repeat and this is usually a sign it's something we need to learn about or figure out. It may not be obvious to us, but we have signs and Fate steps in to help out. Also we meet people in our life to help us achieve these goals, part of the soul group. These may be good or bad, someone to teach you how to deal with loss or someone to help you understand forgiveness. Some members will stay with you in your life and others will drift away, once the lesson is completed. Before incarnation we make the decision to follow a certain course of action and a plan with the soul group. Perhaps you will recognize them when you meet them, a familiar feeling? May be a sense you have known them before or feel comfortable around them as soon as you meet ?

Past Lives

Sometimes we can't explain why we have a phobia or feel drawn to a certain place or person. This is when our past life memories are triggered. Perhaps a tragic death leaves a scar and pain in a certain part of the body or a fear of something that harmed you in a past life? We can also favor things for no apparent reason, or feel drawn to certain periods of history. Many of these stem from deep memories that we can only partially recall, but cannot explain.

These traits are more noticeable in young children who have no frame of reference. If we consider them as newly incarnated with the blueprints of their past lives still fresh, they will continue their likes and dislikes from the last lifetime subconsciously. Reincarnation is a theory that would explain this phenomenon. As they grow older and are influenced by their peers and environment, those memories become less intense as they learn new skills.

According to theories, our past life memories are wiped after each incarnation to allow us to start and learn again, however I believe the soul essence retains all the traits gathered over time. These blueprints are imprinted and only triggered when needed. Especially in Old Souls, the traits will have been used time over time, whilst new ones are added. It can supersede the genetic blueprint and any environmental factors. The knowledge, skills and characteristics remain deep within our subconscious and are part of us.

Why we reincarnate

Maybe to help the world in a particular way; to continue the life lessons or to help a member of the soul group with their lessons? Some feel they have a purpose to be here; to teach, guide, invent something and those who feel they have no life purpose. They are here to help others, acting as conduits for others life lessons, especially if they are victims. Each soul takes turns to assume that role and it can be traumatic. That is why sometimes the closest people to us are the ones we feel more pain from.

Young souls reincarnate with varied lessons, whereas some older souls choose more carefully and with specific purposes. They come for a particular situation, period, event or person. That is not to say their incarnations are more important, but will be more poignant. Each time we incarnate, we progress through the soul stages; young, mature and old. We may stay at one stage for a long time if lessons need to be redone and each has its own stages; beginner, intermediate and advanced. There is no time limit, so one may spend centuries at a particular stage.

The here and now

We cannot prove or disprove the theories of reincarnation, nor should we use it as an excuse for how we behave or for how life has turned out. We have free will and choices to follow the path that we decide is right for us at the given time. There are no wrong decisions,we may take the very scenic route, but Fate will always put us back on course. Some look to past life karmic debt as a reason for their bad luck or a family curse. We all have karmic debt, even in our lives now we make some and rebalance some. Our soul responsibility lies with us in the here and now. Each incarnation contributes to our soul growth, some are painful lessons and others more eventful. Even though the memories may be erased after each incarnation the scars remain and can be triggered under traumatic circumstances. I see this as in built protection to prevent the painful outcomes previously experienced from resurfacing. Yes, we may carry some karmic debt from some ancestors, but that is something you would have agreed upon before incarnation.

There are the case studies of people who under regression recall their past lives in great detail, or children who are reincarnated into the same family knowing specific details no one else would know. Others are able to speak archaic languages or have knowledge of historical events. Some people are eager to fins out who they were in a past life, but that is not always healthy. We only are shown the past lives that create barriers in this incarnation to help us overcome them, so as to achieve more challenges during the incarnation. We often do reincarnate into the same family with role reversals, so a parent can see how the child feels and vice versa.

Whatever we don't finish this time round will carry on over next time, so the advice from many psychics, myself included is to 'be brave and face what you need to, because you will have to to do it one day.'

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21st Apr 2015 (#)

sometime we do remember the people we have known in past lives.

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