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Game playing is wonderful and exciting. Getting the best games and consoles however is tough. Here we list the top games and consoles.

Wonderful moments with gaming activity

Games have been the immortal leisure activity of man since his time as a cultivator began. Somehow, he has not lost his fighting skills that he had as a hunter and one can see this reflected in the plethora of games that have fighting and shooting as the primary activity. Internet has many such games that you can download and play. Players on the go prefer to play online since they play from a café. Here we see the latest from the greatest in games and consoles.

Game and console toppers

1. Top game consoles are PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and Game Boy. They have all sold in excess of 100 million units each.

2. The top selling console games are Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto 5, Bioshock Infinite and Batman: Arkham origins.

a. Tomb Raider: Lara is the member of the archeology expedition searching for a lost island. The island they eventually discover has inhabitants of a deadly cult who sacrifices humans to appease their god. Full of fighting action will satisfy those who love fighting games.
b. Grand Theft Auto 5: Meet Michael the master criminal cut out for luxurious lifestyle on his criminal earnings, Franklin a small crook working under Michael and Trevor ex partner to Michael who now peddles drugs. You can switch characters while playing and this adds to the thrill of the game.
c. Bioshock Infinite: This first person shooter game requires brains as well as skill. Booker is a detective, a new boy come to town, who is out to save Elizabeth from Christian fundamentalists who rule the town. The story is so compelling that it drags you along. And the action is also superb.
d. Batman – Arkham Origins: This is the battle of the dark knight and crime boss of Gotham the Black Mask would dearly love to see Batman swinging from the tree in his garden for Christmas more than anything. He hires deadly assassins to finish the job for him. Lot of intrigue and each player has to solve puzzles to come up ahead of the opponent in this action game.

3. Top selling video games are Tetris (on Game Boy), Wii Sports (on Wii), Minecraft (on practically all systems) and Super Mario Bros (on NES).

Console advantage for games

Game players who have seen what the console can do to their game, will not settle for playing any online games. Consoles have added a dimension to gaming that has changed everything from graphics to music to action. Better game engines combined with better graphics cards to produce stunning visuals that one can never obtain in a PC game. Really, better pictures create more interest in the game.

Time to begin

Gamers however are not finicky and will play any game that is different and interesting. Now, that is every game and well it is time to begin. So, pack up those bags and hit the console button. Or are you going online with your game?

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