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Humans by nature get upset at petty things.They get angry,nervous and feel stressed out at several times. These feelings can get uncontrollable if proper medication is not followed.Is there any cure apart from the drugs?

Chi and a postive life

Chi is a Chinese practice of controlling one's own mind and body by meditation and postures. This ancient Chinese practice is crucial for the chinese, practicing martial arts as it allows them to reinvent a new form of energy which normally (as is believed) apart from the energy we get from food. This new energy is the energy of the soul.

People in present era tend to remain stressed out all the time and why they must not be? immense competition,mass production and marketing and immense work load, financial and peer pressure all makes one stressed out. Often the best way we calm is by listening to soft music or some relaxing films on our televisons. But, in this way you are not only letting your inner angst to spred but also increase tremendously. Listening to music or soaps may relax one for the present but this feeling keeps getting bundled up and we become more and more tensed as we grow up. There are two main ways one
can face this form of stress.
One is to ignore and laugh at it and the second and the more sensible one is to take some form of mind relaxing exercises like chi.

physical relaxing and mental relaxation are different

When a person is physically hurt , the wound heals up and the person loses the feel of its pain. But any form of mental pain is not easily cleansed. It remains stuck up and sometimes due to over stressing, it might come out in form of crying,losing appetite or in hundreds of other forms.

In our day to day life we often face challenges that we don't want to face. These simple issues become challenges only when a person is not able to face it or has faced similar situations with failure.

The key challenge-

Nothing can be accomplished unless anything has been done. If you fail 10 times, you must have the ability to wake up to the 11th one.Failure is just like sadness, an integral part of our life. Just like happiness ,sadness too is an integral part of the life, i.e even when you become the best, there is something which is erroneous in you.When a person faces and accomplishes this challenge ,also the key challenge of his life. He becomes victorious .
The motive behind talking about key challenges is because every person has some or the other inability.when one of them is conquered, we face the other and the other. Many a times a person becomes dejected due to facing such challenges. It is then important to remember what for you are there, which work you want to take, how to take and when to accomplish.

Will power and chi

Will power is one of the most powerful attributes of a person. A person having immense will power has the potential to do anything or everything. Every body has immense will power but we feel dejected to see others succeed and ourselves fail in similiar situations. This is not because of luck, this is because of their effort and their will ,that they have succeeded.

When you get the right amount of positive energy to work for a cause, you are bound to succeed.
This is the positive energy you can build by practicing chi. It involves very simple exercises which when taken even for 30 minutes each day, will help you to untangle.

Some key practicing postures are:


For those who get angry,tensed or frustated very easily. try using meditation and guided imagery techniques to relax.

Sit down in the morning facing the opposite of the sun. Keep your body straight and sit with crossed legs. take slow, very slow deep breath. when you feel your lungs are full ,exhale. wait for a second and take another.
Angry people are very short-tempered. by slowing the pace of breathing, they are in a way releasing the negative energy inside them. This negativism may be due to scolding in early life, dejection,failure or due to being unsatisfied by life .This will reduce temper, make them approachable and if they have confidence, not even god can stop them from being successful.

Guided imagery-
Now take the posture of sitting on your knees. close your eyes and imagine complete silence and blackness in your brain, don't think of anything. Just be slow in your movements. Now, imagine a shining speck in the brain. move this speck from one side to the other without moving your brain.
Once you move this speck, just try to remember the last time you were praised and why were you.


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5th Jul 2014 (#)

Very good post with helpful positive suggestions.

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6th Jul 2014 (#)

thank you

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6th Jul 2014 (#)

An ancient method but hears for the first time. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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7th Jul 2014 (#)

lovely this pratik...thank you...

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7th Jul 2014 (#)

Well said!

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10th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you cnwriter

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10th Jul 2014 (#)

thank you Cd.Moore

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