Remember, Remember The 5th Of November..A Short Ramble Through History...

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I'm guessing that most of you have already heard the distant sounds of Fireworks exploding into our night sky, as November the 5th finally arrives...
This event has a long history, and as we warm jacket potatoes in the oven and sip at steaming mugs of soup or chocolate, watching the firework display, let me tell you a little bit about Guy Fawkes...and the plot that began it all...

Remember, Remember The 5th Of November...

'Remember, Remember, the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
I see no reason, why Gunpowder,
Treason, should ever be forgot...'


Here we are again, the 5th of November, when the celebrations and excitement of Firework Night is upon us once more here in the UK...
Children wrap up warmly against the cold, with glowing eyes and reddened cheeks, watching in wonder as an array of Fireworks light up our night skies..sending sparkling coloured gems up against the dark canvas firmament above them, as they witness the boom and glitter of pyrotechnics at their brightest... Truly a spectacular wonder created by man, and so often the finale of many a celebratory event.

Yet beneath all the pomp and glitter, there lies the history of Bonfire Night, and far from being just a modern celebratory occasion, it dates back to a foiled attempt to assassinate a King... This became known as 'The Gunpowder Plot'. Indeed the historical event is dark and dingy, located beneath the dismal dank cellars of the House Of Lords..

Have I stirred your curiosity enough? If so, follow me back over 400 years to the year of our Lord, 1605, and a fiendish plot created by desperate men...

Where It All Began...

Old King Henry VIIIth had a lot to answer for. When he put aside his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, for the temptation of Lady Anne Boleyn, (who insisted on marriage if he was to have his wicked way with her), the Pope was pretty incensed. Henry, who couldn't get his own way because Pope Clement II, wouldn't grant him his divorce, decided that he would not be dictated to by Rome, and promptly set himself up as the Head of the Church of England, severing all links to the church of Rome. This enraged the Pope who then decided to excommunicate Henry, and hence England went from Catholicism to a Protestant religion within a few short years. Torn apart by differing religious creeds, Catholics fought to bring England back to the True faith, paying a heavy price for their beliefs.

Now this is really just the most basic bare bones of that particular part of Tudor history, and I hear you wonder just where does Guy Fawkes come into this...Ah, I thought you'd never ask...

This, my friends, is where the real story begins...

The Plot Thickens....

As the Protestant Queen Elizabeth Ist drew her last breath after 45 'Golden' years on the throne of England, bringing her reign to a close and ending the Tudor Dynasty, every one looked to her successor..James VI of Scotland, the son of Catholic, Mary Queen of Scots.
James Ist of England, as he was to be known, was thought to be warmly disposed towards Catholicism, and there was a general belief that he would bring England back to the true faith once again.
However this proved not to be the case, and so a desperate plot was devised by a disgruntled group of Catholics, Guy Fawkes among them, to dispose of the King and his people in power, by planting 36 barrels of Gunpowder in the cellars underneath the Houses of Parliament...Their aim was to assassinate James Ist, and place a Catholic Monarch back on the throne.

On paper, the plan looked good, but it was on paper, within the form of a letter of warning, that also lead to the disclosure of their intentions, and therefore brought about the downfall of Guy Fawkes, plus his four main co-conspirators..Richard Catesby, the instigator of the plot, plus Thomas Wintour, Thomas Percy and John Wright. They all met a pretty grisly end after being found guilty of High Treason, being hung, drawn and quartered, as traitors to the Crown.

November 5th...A Date Etched In History..

In celebration of the foiled assassination, the people of London, lit large fires to celebrate their Monarch's safety, and the discovery of the Papist Gunpowder Plot, as it came to be known...

Today, we still commemorate this moment in history and the foiled The Gunpowder Plot, by building large bonfires, and seating an effigy of Guy Fawkes on the pyre, and igniting it as fireworks light up the evening sky every 5th of November..

On an amusing after-note, it has been been said that 'Guy Fawkes was the only man to ever enter Parliament with honest intentions...'

Thanks for reading me and sincere apologies to all true Historians out there on my ramble through this particular slice of History \0/x

Firework Night by Songbird B.

'Watch the sky light up tonight,
filled with coloured sparkling gems..
Smell sulphur in the cold night air..
As excited children play with friends..
This night, explosions rent the air,
when 'Ahhs' and 'Ooos' and looking high,
enact a scene in history failed..
when Guy Fawkes plot, he was denied..'

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Photo Credits;
Simon Howden
The Capture Of Guy Fawkes Wikimedia Commons.
End Photo; Authors own and not to be used without permission.

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author avatar johnnydod
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Loved this Bev, Its a big day in the UK today

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author avatar Songbird B
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Wow! That was fast Johnny! Thanks for moderating... Yes, after I had written this, I found that you had also covered this subject last year, and even more in depth than I, so I have added your link to this article so others can take a look as you have also included a video link in it. My version is a little tongue in cheek, but I know that not everyone is into history, so wanted to keep it light...All serious Historians out there, forgive my\0/x

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
5th Nov 2011 (#)

I knew about Guy Fawkes, but not in much detail. Thanks for filling me in with your beautiful prose and poetry, Bev.

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author avatar Songbird B
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Ah bless you my dear friend, Steve! Yes, it wasn't till I started looking into it, that even I realised how complicated it was! Isn't it amazing how religion and politics can cause so much chaos and death... Surely it was never meant to be that way..

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author avatar Retired
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Superb page--and bravo on your star. Very finely presented, Songbird. Great poetry, too.

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author avatar Songbird B
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you rd, I am still trying to catch up on all the pages that I have to read, but I will get to all of yours I promise! Thank you for such positive feedback..Blessings to you my friend..

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author avatar richardpeeej
5th Nov 2011 (#)

A very good account of what the 5th of November means Bev. I so enjoyed your description of the events in an easy to follow way. A well deserved star for this account as it must have taken a lot of thought and research to put together...well done and thanks for sharing the info.... ;-)

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author avatar Buzz
5th Nov 2011 (#)

More historical than romance I expected from you, Bev. your perspective in your writing history doesn't completely overshadow your flair for romance, my friend.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
5th Nov 2011 (#)

The plot sure does thicken - year after year on 5 November.
Talk to you in December. Won't be commenting much now until December. Novel Writing month has me in its clutches!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
5th Nov 2011 (#)

Remember Remember and I do, love this Songbird, and such memory of the bon-fires, and fun time we had while living in England, of coarse the history too, well done thank you Songbird

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author avatar LOVERME
6th Nov 2011 (#)

if only they could permit me to share my modern poetry alas i have been castrated..sad no
though still 300 read me

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
9th Nov 2011 (#)

I used to rescue Guy Fawkes and hide him before he was burned. Thanks for the memory, Songbird.

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