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Painting a room to create a quick change is fantastic. To make it perfect, you need to clean up any mess that is made.

Paint removal

While painting a room one tries to be as careful as possible. However there are times that you will find a paint drip somewhere on the tile. There are a few ways you can remove it safely and prevent damage to the tiles. You will want to test an area of the tiles that is not quite as visible. This is to make sure you don’t damage the tiles before you try any of these methods.

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If the paint is fresh

If you are painting removing paint from the tile is easy. Take a warm wash cloth and wipe the paint off the tile. Be careful when wiping the paint. Be methodical and take your time so the paint is not spread over the tile making it more challenging. Once you are finished, take a look to make sure all the paint has been removed. This will prevent you from having to revisit the section at a later time when it is more difficult to get off.

Scour pad

Take warm water with a bit of dishwashing soap and a scouring pad. Gently scour the spot where the paint has dripped. Do not press too hard as you can scratch the tile. The paint should easily come off. This method is especially good when you have paint that has gone into the grout of the tile.


This is a heavy duty cleaner that will remove most paints. Since this is a chemical you want to be extra careful when trying to remove paint. Take a small amount and put it on a rag or sponge. Gently blot the area until the paint is removed.

Use a scraper

Take a paint scraper and gently try to scrape the paint off the tile. Put the scraper between the paint and tile and softly chafe the paint to remove. Any paint that is left on the tile take the warm soapy water to gently wipe away.

Nail polish remover or paint thinner

Take a bit of nail polish remover or paint thinner and put onto a rag. Take this and rub the paint spot. The remover will help break up the paint. After a few minutes take a dry rag and wipe off the paint. Nail polish remover is less likely to cause damage to the tile, therefore try this before paint thinner.


Whichever technique you choose to remove the paint be careful. You want to make sure the paint is removed and the tile is left intact.


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4th Sep 2010 (#)

Goof-Off is really great stuff. I once used it to remove a huge paint stain from deep pile carpeting.

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