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Another important factor about renewable source of energy that we should give some careful consideration is that in the overall operation, it generates less pollution within the assembling procedures.


Renewable source of energy includes sources that can be used repeatedly, a process which includes the use of solar energy, from wind and water, the benefits of this renewable energy is far healthier than nonrenewable sources of energy.

The top renewable energy resources are solar energy, wind power, hydropower, heat, wood, plants and animal waste. Most countries are now putting the environmental care first and are welcoming a cleaner and greener way of living, our attention is drawn to renewable source of energy as more convenient and resourceful way of facing the future.

The use of renewable source of energy dates back to over a century ago, expanding the use of coal, petroleum and natural gas, several countries including the United States has become less reliant upon flammable hardware as a source of producing energy, rather they are more adept in the pursuit of finding new and innovated ways to meet their energy needs.

The use of renewable source is limited to its availability, good weather permitting things go well, but on cloudy days, there is a reduction in solar energy, and likewise, drought reduces the availability of water to produce hydroelectricity. Not forgetting the knock on effect calm days has on wind turbines.

There are at least five different categories of renewable source of energy starting with, solar, wind and water, followed by heat within the earth, this is known as Geothermal energy, and the combination of waste, such as wood, and other organic material includes plants and animals, one thing is certain, waste material will always exist in garbage dump.

Another important factor about renewable source of energy that we should give some careful consideration is that in the overall operation, it generates less pollution within the assembling procedures. And things from the environment are used regularly over and over again, to create electricity, which is one of the most important requirements of the modern era.

The environment is everything that makes up our surroundings, and has great affects on our ability to live on earth; our environment is the air that we breathe, the ground we walk on, with land marshes and water mass compiled together, all of which embraces the shady trees and plants, providing a habitat for birds and other animals. Environmentalist is carefully examining ways that we can better preserve the environment from pollution.

They are concern about the overall condition of the planet, they have discover that mankind is the cause of many dangers resulting in the planet losing some of its natural resources, along with the energy that we need for transportation,

Environmentalist are also concern that these natural resources are not renewable, and once the reserve are used up it will be almost impossible to find replacement, such is the dilemma of the sensitive rainforest, where fossil fuel are been depleted.

Non renewable source of Energy is linked to the environment by the combustion it produces, to devastate tropical rainforest, by releasing dangerous pollutants such as carbon monoxide; this of course is increasing our health risk, and contributing more to the effect of global warming, here most of the energy we used comes from fossil fuel, uranium and natural gas.

In order to produce energy the fossil fuels will be put through a process called combustion, which in turn releases sulfur dioxide like acid rain, a mixture of wet and dry deposited material from the atmosphere containing nitric acid.

The wet deposition is referring to fog and snow, seen in conditions when the acid chemicals are in the air, and is blown into areas where the weather is wet, the acids will fall to the ground in the form of a mist, and affects a variety of plants and animal life.

And while nuclear energy is giving cause for concern, the scientific process is more readily accepted as a useful source of energy.

Risk assessment must be harness, in order to keep a strict control on the safety issues of nuclear energy production, especially in the disposal of nuclear waste. The development of science has made the availability of energy into a more useful domestic form, which can be used for our day to day needs, this kind of energy is now used to create electricity and fuel steam driven turbines.

Renewable source of energy is used repeatedly and can be solar driven by the wind and the sun, converting sunlight into electricity, also giant windmills do generate electricity, other sources of renewable energy comes from the earth, material such as wood and manure are used for heating, rivers also generate hydropower to propel electric generators.


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I was fortunate enough in that we have solar panels on our garage - my wife won the system, but its not enough to power the entire house.

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