Research Your Keyword Now!

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A article on how to research keywords with free and paid tools.

Research Your Keyword Now!

When writing articles or blog posts, it's a good idea to do a little keyword research before you start. This will let you know what search phrases you should add to your posts and articles in order to rank higher in Google and draw in more readers. This is important here on Knoji in order to earn money and gain authority. That's the key to earning money online and especially creating a job writing online.

With enough keyword research and creating backlinks, then you could create a pretty great residual income. Although this residual income probably won't become your full-time job, it can definitely help ease the pressure off you. It gives you a home business work opportunity. And it's great as an online job for teenagers, such as myself.

Keyword Research: The Paid Tool - Market Samurai

If you want the residual income, the online job for teenagers, or the home business work opportunity, then it's a great idea to invest in yourself and buy Market Samurai for $149. Market Samurai is a keyword research tool that can tell you the competition, traffic and value of your keywords. It is easily laid out for anyone who wishes to use it. They also add a support team that is easy to access and able to help.

But my favorite feature on Market Samurai has to be the Rank Tracker. With one click of a button, you can update your rank data and see where your domain ranks on Google, Bing, and Yahoo at any time. Along with this, you can track the rank of any website including the top ten domains of your certain keyword. This is important so you can see what you would need to be on the top ten of Google, such as how many backlinks, page rank, and other aspects of search engine optimization. By using this you really could get residual income, an online job for teenagers, or the home business work opportunity you want so badly

Keyword Research: The Free Tool - Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google also has it's own version of Market Samurai, with one difference; It's free! This seo and keyword research tool is called the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. In order to use this you need a Google Adwords Account and that's it. Google Adwords is Google's paid per click advertising program. The keyword tool can be used without paying for that though. This keyword tool gives you the competition and traffic for your keywords. So, yes, it is definitely a viable option. It just doesn't give you a lot of the extras that Market Samurai gives you. It just gives you the necesseties in order to get you going.

Keyword Research: Should you Buy Market Samurai or Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool?

Market Samurai definitely makes your life a lot easier. There is absolutely no doubt about that. For online jobs for teenagers, residual income, and the home business work opportunity, it can definitely help you towards your goal. And any little advantage gives you an edge on your competition, which is necessary to make money online. So overall, I'd go for Market Samurai because it is worth the price of $149. But if you can't afford Market Samurai, it is definitely not the end of the world. The residual income, online job for teenagers, and the home business work opportunity are still very possible with the Google

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