Respect is the best gift to get

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The greatest gift a human being can give to someone is respect- and not love, compassion, trust or forgiveness

Respect is the best gift - one can give today

One thing in this world that we cannot live without is, respect. It is a very important need of all humans on earth that it sometimes takes precedence even over our survival. Disrespect can cause such intense rage that people can go to the extreme of sacrificing their lives or take another’s life. Disrespect over oneself, over another person, country or even symbol can be a single most issue in our lives. Not being welcomed-,in the right manner, being ignored, our comments being brushed aside rudeness, impoliteness , ,taking casually a matter of serious concern to us, not answering, being cut off in a middle of a sentence, being joked at in front of others, talking back, hijacking or monopolizing a conversation and so on. ,
One does not crave for utmost love, trust, compassion or forgiveness. It is respect first. Others come later .Without the foundation of respect, the others will not last. Disrespect is never forgotten and not easily forgiven. It is the greatest relationship destroyer. There is no simple mechanism to handle disrespect. It is considered willful, though in reality, it may not be the case. Disrespect is an act of violence.
Respect, like love, has to be consciously indicated in such a manner that the other person has to discern with it. Not being disrespectful does not imply respect. Many a time we assume that being our normal good self is being respectful. This is not adequate. For respect to be felt by other person it has to be emotional and effusive. The usual words, tone of voice, gestures and body language are not adequate. It requires a little more than the normal behavior. It has to become a way of outpouring, rather effortlessly from within. It is always a great pleasure to watch people who show respect with ease, finesse, elegance and sophistication. This can only happen when there is an understanding of the structure of the self and its never-ending desideratum for respect.
The greatest gift we can give ourselves in this new beginning of the year 2011 is self respect. This self of ours needs to respect itself for it to function at its peak efficiency. Self respect is to do with our character – such as integrity, taking a stand, moral courage, commitment, perseverance, hard work, empathy, fellow feeling, It is just a quality we admire in great people is just an indicator of what we would respect in ourselves.


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