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Explains why it is good and why it is not so good to ride a bike instead of having a car

The advantages

Okay so you get on your bike and you go to work and you get there ... If this is the case and you are not too late then you may or may not find that actually cycling isn't too bad but what if you suddenly decide it is too far well in that case you may want to reconsider your options. There are many benefits to cycling discussed below some of which you may well have never thought of.
Money : this has always been a key feature of cycle benefit ... Essentially it is free you can go anywhere you want within a certain radius and feel good about yourself knowing unless you have a crash or something breaks you won't have to spend a penny. Many people cycle for this reason alone as they cannot afford a car or can but would rather spend their money on other things rather than transport.
Fitness: it probably goes without saying that if you cycle regularly then you are going to be fitter than those who do not and by fitter there have been many studies carried out which show that if you are fitter your brain works more effectively but not just that you will feel better about yourself, be less prone to injury and probably look healthier.
Joy: this reason may seem a bit silly considering you could just press the gas pedal to speed yourself up a horrifically bad looking mountain or hill but actually the satisfaction you will get knowing that you reached the top using nothing more than the force from your legs and the labouring of your heart far outweighs the effort. The joy of whisking down hills on a bike cannot be replicated in a car even if you are going at twice the speed in the car it still feels slower than going at 20 on a bicycle.
Self sufficiency: as bikes are relatively simple machines most experienced cyclists learn how to modify and personalise their own bikes with the components they want. Most car drivers probably don't know a thing about fixing their cars if they went wrong so would have the hassle of phoning someone up and the stress of being without their mode of transport while it gets fixed which is an inconvenience to say the very least.
Safety: actually there is not much In it statistically. People imagine that metal tanks hurtling down the road would be safer than 2 wheels and a chain however as bikes are narrow they can get themselves out of some pretty awkward situations if the cyclist is clever and again this comes down to how careful you are as is the case when you drive a car.
Competition: yes you do get car races but on the road that would definitely be illegal and perhaps so would racing on bicycles however it all comes down to how reckless you are. With a bit if competition it often only makes you want to overtake the bike in front of you and you can usually do this by not even crossing the middle of the road white lines.
Parking: with parking s car for a start it is a skill that some experienced drivers still have not mastered whereas with a bike you can part anywhere where there is an object to swing your bike lock around for free !!


Distance: you can't cover the same kind of distance on a bike as you can in a car as bikes are significantly slower.
Passengers: a car can generally carry 2-7 people and a bike can only carry 1
Practicality: a car is far quicker to get in and out of in the sense that there is no need to get changed out of sweaty clothes when you get somewhere so you don't have to hunt for changing rooms and a car can accelerate much faster and is significantly more comfortable.
Show off : believe it or not a car sounds more flash than a bicycle when it goes past you hear the whoosh it makes due to the displacement of the air and the engine noise of some cars can sound quite appealing to some people.
Fit in : since the majority of people use cars in the UK you will not get signalled out as being different and as a result you will not have to tolerate abuse unless you do something silly from others on the road.
Professionalism: it is arguably more professional to turn up in formal clothing rather than cycle clothes especially if you are going to a job interview and the interviewer sees you before you get changed.
Social: as there are more people that can fit into a car there will inevitably be more conversation and potentially it may therefore be more fun.


Overall there is no right or wrong with what mode of transport you choose to use but there are a great deal of benefits with cycling and driving that should not be overlooked when making your decision as to which vehicle is right for you .... With increasing cycle popularity there is bound to soon be more infrastructure to support them and eventually if cyclists become the majority car drivers may feel a bit less likely to abuse cyclists and the world would arguably be a safer more peaceful place for pedestrians.


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