Robin Williams, Sucide and Depression

Vickie Collins By Vickie Collins, 3rd Mar 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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An original article written when I found out that Robin Williams had committed sucide and then I read some really cold analysis by folks on the internet.

The news

Well, I went to lunch today, really like like dinner/supper at about 5pm and came back to find out that Robin Williams is deceased.

On reading a bit more, I find out that it is thought to be a case of sucide on the part of a person struggling with depression. What gets me is that the term "depression" would be the last thing that would have to my mind in thinking about Robin Williams.

An amazing comedic talent who made us laugh year after year, he was apparently another comedian fighting the inner demons of depression. One might say "laughing through the pain.

First reaction

I am sure that more will come out over the course of the next weeks, and it may be that there was some event that percipitated this depression and then the sucide but time will tell on that.

For now, I will just say I am sad to hear of this great performers death and am especially sorry to hear of the sadness that apparently caused it. It is also a remember that we can never judge from the outward appearance what is going on within the person.

I will miss him,. I understand he was getting ready to do a sequel of Ms Doubtfire, one of his better works. I also remember him in Mork and Mindy. Oh and lets not forget his commentary on society.

Reaction of other people on blog sites

his post is in response to some articles I have read on other blog sites about Robin Williams presumed suicide.

They were all somewhat feeling about it but missed to some extent the point. Responses were on the line of "how selfish to leave his family to deal with this..." That's when they were not wondering how, with all the things he had, all the fame, he would want to do such a thing.

But I have some idea of what he might have been going thought and "selfish" and "blessed" is beside the point, if not simply incorrect. That folks would say that shows that they haven't been there, and likely don't really understand what depression is.

My question to them

I ask those folks, how long could you go, feeling literally "nothing"? Have you ever been there? I have, and trust me it is not a place that someone can endure for very long. It is literally "hell on earth".

Labeling people who are that depressed as "selfish" is beside the point because it misses the fact that the person, at that moment or for that period time, truly believes that there is nothing good...I mean NOTHING good in their life. They are not able, repeat not able in that moment, of thinking outside their horrible pain.

Sure they still care for their loved ones, but do not have the strengh, they don't think, to endure in order to be there for them.

And you have heard, I hope, the old saw about "money doesn't buy happiness.....". Well it is true.

So don't label any suicidal or depressed friends or acquaintances you might have as "selfish" and "not seeing the good things around them
because in all likelihood, they look inside and see "nothing" and feel "death....and nothing is good".

Imagine being in such a state of mind that nothing, not money, not food, not friends, not loved ones gives you one iota of pleasure.

So, profoundly depressed people are NOT selfish...they are sick. Get them help, don't shame them!!!!!


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author avatar Sherri Granato
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

My own father was faced with the same situation. He committed suicide when he was just 36. Depression is a serious matter as is lewy body dementia, which I later heard Mr. Williams was diagnosed with and was in the early stages.

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author avatar Vickie Collins
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

I have bouts of depression and know that deep dark feeling that nothing is worth it. Only time i even actually thought of sucide was when I had a negative reaction to the anti-depression the doctor had me try. But I have felt that "pointlessness".

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author avatar Carol Roach
3rd Mar 2015 (#)

This is a common notion all through time that suicide is a selfish act and the loved ones pay dearly when the person does it. I believe a person has a right to take their own life and it is their choice but ethically people say it is wrong because its affect the entire family

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