Rotavirus Infection in Horses

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Rotavirus infection causes illness in foals. This article provides useful information regarding rotavirus infection in foals.


Horses are graceful animals. It is a treat to watch a healthy horse galloping. Horses have been loyal companions of human beings from thousands of years. Domesticated horses require care and attention. They may catch many types of infections. Rotavirus infection is one of the major causes of illness in horses.

Rotavirus Infection in Horses

Rotavirus causes diarrhea and stomach problems in foals (young horses). Foals in the age group one to three months are most likely to be affected by this disease. Foals get infected by consuming the virus. These viruses are found in feces of other horses. Diarrhea caused by rotavirus can range from mild to severe. Affected foal suffers form weakness, loss of appetite and dehydration. It also suffers form pain due to intestinal cramping.

Supportive care is essential in cases of rotavirus infections. Generally the affected foal is given fluids. Various vaccines are available in the market which claim to prevent infection. Equine Rotavirus Vaccine which is manufactured by Fort Dodge is one such vaccine. Pregnant mares are injected with 3 doses of this vaccine using aseptic technique. First dose is administered on the eighth month, second on the ninth month and third on the tenth month. But some experts are of the opinion that vaccines are not effective in preventing the disease. This disease can be prevented by keeping the stable clean. Foaling mares outside on pastures helps in preventing rotavirus infections.

If a foal exhibits symptoms mentioned in this article, it should be taken to a certified veterinarian to avoid further complications.



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nice to know. good topic :-)

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