Runescape guide to 99 Herblore!

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Runescape Guide to 99 Herblore!

Herblore is a members only skill that lets you create your own potions. Before players are able to do the skill they must complete druidic ritual quest. this gives you enough xp to get to level three, which players can now start making potions.

Levels 1-3
To start the Herblore skill, you must complete the drudic ritual quest.

Level 3-26
At this level you will need to make 343 attack potions. The herbs are very easy to obtain for this potion. This will cost 218k for the herbs and second ingredient.

Levels 26-38
At this level you might want to grow you own herbs as you can now make prayer potions. You will need 1,557 prayer potions to reach level 55. This will cost 11.5m tto buy your own Rannarrs and Snape grass.

Levels 63-72
For this level Super stat restore potions are best as people use them a lot for bosses and are easy to sell. You will need to make 3,724 Super stat potions, at the price of 32.1m for materials.

Level 78-81
Now at 78 you can make Zamorak Brews do this untill level 81 where you can make Extreme potions! It will require 3,221 zamorak brews to reach 81 and will cost you 6.4m

Levels 81-99
The big stretch to 99 will require 60,232 Saradomin Brews so put your order for the birds nest in now! This will cost a whopping 243.6m! But if you can get some of your nests from the kingdom it can really reduce your loss a lot.

In total 99 herb costs 140m to reach 99 with selling all the potions back.
Herblore Skillcapes can be purchased from Kaqemeex at Traverley.

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This guide is heaps helpful. It costs alot of money for 99

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