Runescape guide to 99 Prayer!

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Runescape guide to 99 Prayer

Prayer is a skill that allows players to use prayer(s) to generate advantages in combat. The ability to do so is acheived through evoking the power of certain gods of Runescape. All players start with a limited access to the prayer skill. As one's Prayer level increases, they gain access to new prayers. As players traverse the ;and and complete many adventures, they find themselves presented with the opportunity to gain the prayers abd blessings of various gods such as Zaros, who is related to Runescape's deep past, and Saradomin, a benevolent and virtous god.


There isn't much to say about prayer, except that it is a very easy skill. There is no methods you can use when you get to higher prayer levels, as tthe methods you can train at are available at levels 1. The point of training prayer is to pray to the gods for help in battle, and to wear new armour.

There is three main types of bones that you can use to train prayer:

Normal Bones

Burying 4.5 xp
gilded Altar ( no Burners) 11.25
Gilded Altar ( Both burners) 15.75
Ectofuntus 18
Cost per bone: 180gp

Big Bones:

Burying 15 xp
Gilded Altar(no burners) 37.5
Gilded Altar(Both Burners) 52.5
Ectofuntus: 60
Cost per Bone: 620gp

Dragon Bones:

Burying: 72 xp
Gilded Altar(no burners) 180
Gilded Altar(Both Burners) 252
Ectofuntus: 288
Cost per bone: 4,961 gp

Each of the above bones are good ways to train your prayer level. As you would expect, the more xp you get per bone costs more than one that gives less. For this reason, if you a poor do normal bones, but if you are rich do dragon bones.

There are three main ways you can train your prayer level:

Gilded Altar:
In my opinion , Gilded Altars are the best way to train prayer. All you need to do is use the bone on the altar and you will get up to 3.5 times the xp for that bone, You can either use someone elses gilded Altar or you can build your own one.

I think the ectofuntus is bad xp for the amount of time you spend there. it takes nearly twice as long as the gilded altar method, however it does cost less.

Pest Control:
Pest control is a good method. Simply play the game and use all the points on prayer.

Prayer skillcapes can be purchased from brother jered at the monastery.


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