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A short guide to housing and feeding your Russian tortoise.


Now when choosing a place to keep your turtle you need to first take into account its size. The smaller the tortoise the larger the space it needs. little ones like to explore and run around well larger ones are content to bask under heat lamps or in the sun. I go with the general rule minuses 1 foot per inch starting from 12 feet so if you got a little 6 inch in diameter tortuous you will need about 6 square feet for him to run around in. however you can have t smaller tank to hold him when your not around and move him to a larger one when you can keep an eye on you friend. I personally have an old 10 gallon tank in the house and a kiddy pool in the backyard. When the weather is bad or I don’t have some time to keep an eye on him he stays in the tank other then that its into the kiddy pool{ not filled with water}.

Now in either case the environment around him need to provide lots of light and places to hide small fake plants he cant eat and thinks like hallow logs and over turned buckets make good things for him to hide under or around. When he is calm or feels no danger he will come out to bask in the sun.

If you keep him in a tank remember to black out the sides so he feels he is incased and can see out into the world it may seem cruel but if he can see out he thinks he can get out and will proceed to bash himself agenst the sides to do so. Also remember tortoise can climb and are good at it they can and will escape from fenced off yards if you don’t keep an eye on them.

Food & Cleening

Now for food they will eat just about any vegetables but it is generally a good idea to provide a bit of protein in the form of some raw hamburger on a weekly basis. They do have preferences and you will Lauren yours in time. Remember to clean the food out daily so it wont rot in the cage. Also provide water but remember tortoise will defecate in standing water so it’s a good idea to clean it out daily also. Things like dandelions and rose buds are nice little treats to tortoise’s.

Now remember to clean the tortoise cage out with soap and water on a month basis. Changing out the wood chips if you sue them to. This will help cut down on build of a salmonella that well not harmful to the tortuous can be to you. Remember when cleaning things with soap to get all the soap off as it may be harmful to your tortuous if left behind.

Sickmess & Soft shell

As a few final note don’t feed your tortuous lettuce they do like it and once in a while it can be a nice treat but as a main food it has to much water in it and not enough nutrition. Allowing your tortuous to eat it on a constant basis can lead to soft shell syndrome that can lead to death as there shell will not be hard enough to protect them.

When checking to see if your turtle ids sick see if it s lethargic by nipping at its back legs with your fingers a few times if it pulls away or runs away it’s a sign its ok if not he may be sick. Also check its eyes and nose slits to see if they are crusty gunked over with crud this may also be a sign that they are sick.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Mar 2011 (#)

Great information on the Russian tortoise, I would love for you to add a picture to your page.

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18th Mar 2011 (#)

Good info and I agree. A picture would be nice. Thank you for sharing.:)

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4th Apr 2011 (#)

Wonderful Russian tortoise.
Search some free pic and add with credits to the host website.

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29th Apr 2015 (#)

Nice pet especially children will love, thanks - siva

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