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By making use of SEO Through Social Media you can make your profile a lot more attractive and popular to users. This article looks at a few simple pointers to take into consideration.

The Followers

These days almost everyone has some sort of social media profile online. When I glance through my timeline on Facebook I often see friend's grandparents who are over the age of 70 posting away updates and local pictures. It's great really - the generation gap doesn't really exist on these platforms!

By using ​SEO through social media you can attract A LOT of people to your profile. At the end of the day the more people you have following the more people you have to listen to your rantings and ravings! After all it's not much fun talking to yourself is it?

Now if you work online through the means of a website or digital product, SEO through social media can be very, very powerful. The benefit is either direct i.e. more people can find your profile so more people will connect with you and visit your web site or indirect i.e. it’s an extra link pointing to your web site from your profile.

As an added bonus all of these social platforms also provide us with their own version of Google - a search bar at the top of every ( or most! ) page. The information you provide in your profile is brought up through these search bars as results to queries.

So SEO through social media is a very handy technique to have under your belt but where do you start? Well I learned my social SEO trade through testing things out on Facebook. I finally came to the realization that the business page/fan page needed to have your main keyword in the title and a similar one in the short description below ( usually termed as the 'About' section on Facebook ).

I tried a few different lengths to my description and found that something below 200 characters seemed to work best - it had the best response of visitors! I also recommend including a link back to the homepage of your website ( if you have one! ) within these 200 characters.

When aiming for SEO through social media it's important to try and fill out all of the fields offered to you in your bio. You know the fields - contact info, mission and so on...

If you treat your Facebook page like a blog you will start to see some SEO through social media benefits. You see, Google likes to see websites and blogs that are updated constantly giving fresh content to the users. Your Facebook page/social page is no different! Each post can be the same length as a blog post - somewhere over 400 words would do just fine.

My last tip is not to be selfish - no matter what Social Media platform you are using! SEO through social media involves you posting any relevant or interesting information and it doesn't have to be your own! People will start to notice self promotion within these networks so mix it up a bit - get people talking with other's work as well as your own.


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